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My MAG-10 Cycle


whats up guys

Just wanted to run my MAG-10 cycle by you to make sure I am doing this right?

Should I treat this like Superdrol?

Eat like a pregnant Horse.
200 grams of Protein daily
600 milk thistle
3 1000mg fish oil daily

Clean Food, Foood, and more Clean Food
Chicken breast, veggies, brown rice, potatoes ect.

anything else?



eating like a horse and 200g of protein dont go together... sorry man but you should be able to get double that if your truly eating for mass.


Oh and dont waste your money on NO2 supplements their crap and dont work.. its been discussed many times on this site.


What? are you saying I should be getting in 400 grams of protein a day?!!! thats impossible.
my caloric intake is 3500 w 200 grams of protein. never heard of anyone taking in more than that.


I take in at least 1.5 times bodyweight for protein which puts me at 300 grams at day at the very least. That's 50 grams a day for 6 meals a day...not THAT much, particularly if you are using assistance.


If this is the case, you've been hanging around junior-high school students too long. Most people around here probably eat that much for maintenance.

You can eat more.


sounds good, although i often go through stages when i've found it necasary to increase protien and calorie intake.
as you are finding out it is not so easy.
than i get nasea and fell like i always have to go etc.


How much do you weigh?? unless your 150lbs you should be eating more than that if your bulking and using something like MAG-10... step out of that box you've created man or else you wont make ANY progress.


Ahaha, if you bought NO2 and CE2 from GNC I'm assuming you paid $99.99 for NO2 and $79.99 for CE2 which equates to about 8 tubs of Grow! that would have actually done you some good :(.


actually, i get a real good discount on the NO2 and CE2, but it IS EXTREMELY difficult to get 4000 or more calories in day, WHEN YOU WORK FULL TIME...I use protein supps also, but food w/ protein i.e. chicken ect, is a better way to go...and my weight is 189...5 8... 35 yrs old.


Well it must be f'n gospel then.


All right, first of all, there is no discount low enough for you to be spending ANY money on NO2. It simply does not work at all.

Second, you're new here so I'll be nice: when you ask people for their advice, DON'T BE A DOUCHEBAG! You're working full-time? Whoopee, so's everyone else. You can get in two meals and two shakes during work.

If you want to put on some weight, eat at least 4,000 calories a day. Try 400 grams of protein. If you're truly concerned about bulking (and at 189 lbs, you should be), then don't worry so much about "clean". Not saying you should camp outside McDonald's, but whole-wheat bagels are your friends. Chicken, broccoli, etc. are the only foods for cutting and should form the majority of your bulking calories, but don't worry quite so much about the purity of your diet.


While protein gets all the press around here, when on MAG make sure you are taking in adequate total calories and especially don't cut the carbs. This is a great time to woof the carbs.
Do your best with protein. If you're at 1-1.5 great. Possibly 2 during your cycle.


4,000 kcal/day=6 meals at approx 670 kcal each.

This isn't all that much food and I've worked full time for almost 40 years.


I am a full time student and work 30-40 hrs a week and i can manage to get in 4500 cals a day and up to 400 g's of protein. Try picking up some weight gainer. That is a great source for really good calories. And like what was said before, you don't have to be self conscious of what your eating at this moment. Save that for the cutting.
Eat the shit out of some peanut butter or even peanuts by themselves. You can pack in an extra 1000 calories on that alone.



Most Gainer shakes have anywhere from 500-2000 calories per shake. Example although not a very good one is:

Serving Size: 4 Scoops (661.7g)
Servings Per Container: 7

Amount Per Serving:

Calories 2560
Calories from Fat 240
Total Fat 27g 42%
Saturated Fat 25g 125%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 35g
Carbohydrates 478g 159%
Protein: 51 g 102%

That is just to prove a point that if calories should not be a concern. Granted, there are better sources than this but when I am trying to bulk I eat everything under the sun.


Im sure there are alot of you that work out there. Im making my point. I do drink 2 shakes per day, and eat 6 meals. I also just started using NLARGE, so that helps, and finally, on eating everything in site, I just dont want to put more fat on that actual muscle. I wont eat at any fastfood. I rather make it myself.