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My Macros

I am currently bulking at 6’2 205lbs. I have gained 63lbs in the past year. If I had to guess I’d say I’m about 15% body fat but I honestly have no idea. I have some fat buildup in my lower abs and love handles but other than that nothing noticable. Anyways I wan’t to coninue bulking to about 225. Here are my nutrition stats and I also have a few questions. I would really appreciate some input. I should also mention that I get the majority of calories from liquids as I have been dealing with some very serious health issues for the past 8 months. Just starting to see a possible light at the end of the tunnel though

Goal: gain .5-1lb a week
Calories- about 4300 per day (I increase once this isn’t enough)

Fat- Goal of 125g per day (usually get about 135-140)
Carbs- Goal of 575 per day (usally right around there)
Protein- Goal 150g per day (usaully between 150 and 190)

How does this look?

Also is it bad if on a training day I get 150g of fat? I am trying to increase protein as well. Any advice such as what not to go too far over in or something to watch for would be great. Thanks

Well done on gaining the weight, as long as its good weight like you’ve said. Id up your protein to minimum 1g per lb BW.

I wouldn’t be concerned about the fat on training days. Just try to avoid having it immediately after your workout/nutrition.

Yeah I’m having a hard time getting the protein in but I’ll make some adjustments. THanks for the reply. Any other input from others?