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My Macros: What Do You Think?


Hi I'm 16 an I've just started counting macros. I'm using a +19% on training days and -25% rest days. I'm doing Jym stoppanis shortcut to size monday wednesday friday and saturday. I only count my macros doring the week because I usually eat out during weekends. How do these macros look to you?

Training Day: C:3038 P:162 C:440 F:70
Rest Day: C:1958 P:162 C:80 F:110


Look good for what?

Goals would be nice. Also, height and weight.

Week end macros are just as important. When you start counting, you count everything. Even the doughnut you don’t want anybody to know about.


If I eat at restaurants how do I do that? There are no grams in the menu.


So, no goals, height or weight??


I don’t think that at age 16 you should be cutting your calories as low as that on your rest days