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My Macros and Program. Should I Be Bulking?


Hey everyone,

I’m a 25 y/o male 6’ft tall 204lb. I started SL 5x5 8 weeks ago and love the strength gains I have been attaining. This is the first program I have done in about 7 years. Those 7 years were filled with binge drinking, drug use (adderall and cocaine), and a complete disregard for nutrition with periods some would call anorexia.

For the past year and some change I have not used drugs or alcohol and actually been eating. I have gotten downright fat. Probably due to a weak ass metabolism from not eating for long periods of time in the past.

A switch flipped in my head and I am having no trouble staying committed to my fitness thus far so I finally calculated my macros for bulking. (These are probably high but I work 12-14 hrs a day on my feet)

3,700 Calories
170G Protien
500G Carbs
74G of Fat

I think I’m at a 25-26% bodyfat but its ALL in my gut and lower back (shitty for me, wah). I understand this means I probably have to lower my carbs. I also stopped eating refined sugar and no fruit juice.

I’m only trying to bulk because I’m worried my muscles aren’t big enough not to look like shit if I cut.

Should I bulk or cut? Are my numbers ok? Any other advice or encouragement?

I’ll include a picture. Please don’t be mean, I’m really doing this.


Thank you in advance!


I am unable to view that photo, but at 25% ESTIMATED bodyfat (with the understanding that most people tend to estimate their bodyfat as lower rather than higher) and your reported background, I do not feel you should bulk. Or cut. I feel it would be best for you to develop some sensible and sustainable eating HABITS first and then modify from there, once established.

This is a great, straight forward dietary guideline.

If you can go a month eating according to that plan 90% of the time (so, say you ate 3 meals a day for 30 days, that would mean 9 meals don’t fit in), you’ll most likely have most of this stuff sorted out, be in better shape, and be able to successful modify your nutrition to suit whatever goal you have.


I agree with T3hPwnisher.

Glad to here you’re getting your shit together, but given your background eating healthy and weight training consistently are going to take you a long way. I don’t think 6’ and 204lbs is very heavy so getting the mindset of losing weight isn’t going to help you.

Your body is going to start losing fat and gaining muscle just by eating around maintenance and hitting the weights. Once you seem to reach an equilibrium of fat loss/muscle gain, you can start tweaking the diet and changing the program based on your new goals…this however will likely be several months away from now. Start chipping away and enjoy the process!


Thank you guys very much. This is the exact advice I needed. Also happy to hear I don’t have to eat 3000+calories a day, yet.