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My M1-A / M1-P Stack

M1-A & M1-P Stack

1- For those interested I?ve compiled my notes I made throughout my M1-A / M1-P cycle and summarized my results as follows: Let me start off by saying, my last PH cycle (Methyl Masterdrol (MD)-completed on 04/29/06) I started at BW: 220, BF: of 32.3% and ended up with a body weight of 228lbs. and BF: 25.7%.

2- I had been OFF for 4 weeks (no lifting what-so-ever) with supplement abstinence before starting my M1-A / M1-P cycle. One week before my actual cycle, I started taking 1 cap each of M1-A & M1-P together with a percentage of my PCT as a Pre-Load / Warm-Up Week on 08/28/06.

3- At the start of my actual M1-A / M1-P cycle (on 09/04) my weight was 218 with B/F of 23.4%. For my age, my goal was to get to 20%BF (or a little lower) with some lean mass and stay between 220-225 but, specifically add more strength.

4- My six week ON-Cycle of M1-A / M1-P looked like this: 3-3 / 3-3 / 2-6 / 0-6 / 0-6 / 0-6, with a 4-day split, MON. Chest-Abs, TUES. Shoulders/Traps, WED. Rest, THURS. Back-Abs and FRI. Legs & Arms. Starting off light to moderate the first week, then back to normal lifting. Then on week 7, I was to start a six week PCT continuing with the 4-day split for a total of 12 weeks. However, on Week 5, I made a change in my PH intake for reason listed in Par. 11 and also a change in my routine.

5- Workouts during Weeks1-4 consisted of: Sets 3-5, Reps. 3-6. Times varied from 30 minutes to 62 minutes per workout. My pre-load week and ON-Cycle six week supplement regime included PH?s (M1-A & M1-P), Protein Shakes, BCAA?s, a percentage of ON-Cycle supplements which included Antioxidants, Tribulus, Saw Palmetto, AX-PC, Milk Thistle, AX-PCT, Multi-Vitamins, HMB (7 days per week). Complex Carbs w/ ? serving of Xceed with each workout. Plenty of water (1-1/2?2gals.) throughout the cycle. My meals were mostly clean and at 4-5 meals per day (calories-3600-5100).

6- 08/28-09/03: PRE-LOAD week and workout. Used this week as a ?warm up? week to get back into the swing of things. Used my prepared routine but, with light weights 80-90% of 1RM. PH?s: 1 cap each of M1-A & M1-P daily together with a percentage of my PCT. However, that week I was as sore as hell. Guess the four week lay off of absolutely no lifting was attributed to the soreness I experienced.

7- Week1 - 09/04-09: W/O?s went well. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 90% of 1RM. For the most part, at week?s end all of the ?lingering soreness? was gone other than what now is normally experienced in a workout. PH?s: 3-M1-A and 3-M1-P daily, plus percentage of supporting PCT supplements (7 days per week). First two days, no noticeable PH difference. Strength level and endurance not noticeable. Did a lot of yard work after my w/o on 09/07, felt tired rest of the day. *Postponed 09/08 w/o until Sat., 09/09. End of week 1, Weight -220.5lbs.

8- Week2 - 09/11-15: W/O?s went well. Felt re-energized. Strength and endurance went up somewhat at weeks end. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 90-100%. PH?s: 3-M1-A and 3-M1-P daily, plus percentage of supporting PCT supplements. Day 7 was first day I actually experienced a feeling of aggression. (During my previous MD cycle, did not experience any aggression throughout the cycle but, did experience some other minor sides.) No other sides noted so far. At weeks end, physically I felt great but, I did not feel the intensity working out as I felt when on the MD cycle; however, can?t wait till Monday. End of week 2, Weight -221lbs.

9- Week3 ? 09/18-22: W/O?s went well. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 90-100%. PH?s: 2-M1-A and 6-M1-P daily, plus percentage of supporting PCT supplements. I elected to extend the M1A by one more week but, reduced the intake to only 2 caps daily. No short term adverse affects noted by extension of M1A and aggressiveness had diminished but, I did notice some appearance of Acne. Strength, energy and endurance levels were higher. End of week 3, Weight -223.5lbs.

10- Week4 ? 09/25-29: W/O?s went well. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 90-100%. PH?s: 0-M1-A and 6-M1-P daily, plus percentage of supporting PCT supplements. Strength, energy and endurance levels were good. The aggressiveness was still there and the Acne began to get worse. End of week 4, Weight -225lbs. Hungry as a bear.

11- Week5 ? 10/02-06: With Weeks 5 and 6 yet still to go with M1-P, I decided to discontinue my intake of M1-P at Week 5, because now my Acne had gotten even worse. Cripes, I haven?t had any signs of Acne since I was in my early twenties. I went to a Dermatologist who prescribed an antibiotic. May have been caused by either M1-A, M1-P or both. Don?t know for sure. Therefore, at the beginning of Week 5, I started my PCT for 6 weeks.

I probably could have gotten away with a 4 week PCT cycle but, since I was on 2 Methyls for 4 weeks, thought it might be best to go for the original 6 week PCT. My PCT regime consisted of: PC, PCT, Formadrol, Milk Thistle, (Sylimarin), 7-Keto, CoQ10, Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, Tribulus, Multivitamin, Super Antioxidants, BCAA and HMB. In addition to my PCT supplements, I also included Xceed and White Blood during my PCT. As always, 1-1/2 - 2gals. of water daily sometimes more.

Also, at the beginning of Week 5, I changed my routine to a 3-day split, Sets 3-8, Reps. 8-12 working out twice a day i.e., a morning and evening workout that averaged 35 to 53 minutes per workout with at least 8-10 hours rest between workouts, plus 5 days rest on TU-TH-SA-SU:

MONDAY: Shoulders/Legs ? Wednesday: Chest/Arms ? FRIDAY: Back/Shoulders.

I alternated every other week with Shoulders and Arms, working those two parts twice a week. W/O?s went well. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 100%.

At the end of Week 5, my aggressiveness was still there along with the some loss of libido. Also, like in my MD cycle, in which I experienced a loss of Libido, I continued to take my Trib and Saw Palmetto. Only at this point, I upped my Trib to a total of 1500mg. daily. End of week 5, Weight -226.5lbs.

12- Week6 - 10/09-13: W/O?s went well. I really started to feel pumped when awakening and ready for my early morning workouts. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 100%+ (working on new 1RMs). Strength, energy and endurance levels were still high. At weeks end, physically I felt great. End of week 6, Weight -228lbs.

13- Week7 - 10/16-20: W/O?s went well. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 100%. Energy and endurance levels were still high but, noted that my strength level was somewhat reduced. My aggressiveness was gone; however, my Acne was still there. End of week 7, Weight -227lbs.

14- Week8 - 10/23-27: Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 100% and have regained my strength loss. End of week 8, Weight-226lbs. Back to the Dermatologist on the 27th.

15- Week9 - 10/30-11/03: My Libido seems to be back to normal levels at this point. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 100%+ (working on new 1RMs). End of week 9, Weight-224.5lbs.

16- Week10- 11/06-10: End of my routine. My PCT ended 11/12. Acne starting to subside. End of week 10, Weight-223lbs.My on-target weight. Completed all pre-planned exercise routines at 100% with some new 1RM?s. Will take 14 days off (with a light w/o once a week), then start an all compound exercise routine to try and maintain my gains.

17- WT/BF Results:
To reiterate, my starting weight with my previous MD cycle was 220lbs., with a BF of 32.3% and (went as high as 233lbs.) ended at 228lbs. with a BF: 25.7%.

With this cycle of M1-A/M1-P, my starting weight was 218lbs., with a BF of 23.4%, (comes out to 166.99lbs. lean body wt. / 51.01lbs. BF wt.) but still falls into the ?VERY GOOD? category for my age.

My finishing WT: 223, BF% of 21.2%, (comes out to 175.72lbs. lean body wt./ 47.28lbs. BF wt.) still falls into the ?VERY GOOD? category, but in the ?lower range?.

I know it probably could be better but, I still think it?s OK. My final results were a loss of 3.7lbs. of BF and a gain of 8.7. lbs, of LBW. came out with some lean mass and stayed at 223 (my target weight). I think if I could maintain a BF percentage between 20.0 and 21.0 that would be great for me.

18- Strength Gains / Hypertrophy:

As for my strength levels, again for my age I think the increases were OK. On some exercises, I did increase over my previous cycle of 1RM . However, because I workout alone, I don?t think I?ll pursue any more increases, I?ll probably be just asking for injury. Examples are as follows:

Starting - BP-224+21 (9.4%) =-Ending 245lbs.
DL-303+32 (10.5%) =335lbs.
SQ-70+30 (11%) =300lbs.
CL-165+20 (12%) =185lbs.

19- Although hypertrophy was not my primary concern on this cycle, I gained a little (but I?ll take it) in some areas in addition to my previous cycle. As of 11/15/06 I?ve increased my arms by +3/16", Chest +3/8? , Shoulders +1/2?, Waist ? 5/16?, Quads +1/4?, Calves +1/8?.

20- Summation:

My M1-A, M1-P and PCT ten week cycle were OK in general. Even though there were two methyls involved, I still felt I got more out the previous MD cycle as a stand alone. However, as I?ve always said, everyone reacts differently to PH?s (or AAS).

What I really noticed was that my appetite increased tremendously, I was eating just about everything in sight through week 6; decided to cut back on the intake and it was hard to get the weight back down. Through the cycle, I experienced some aggressiveness, strength loss, acne and a temporary loss of libido for a few days. Just as a side note, I never experienced one back pump and I?d like to think that was attributed to my daily water intake before, on cycle and PCT.

About taking Nolvadex or Clomid, etc., for gynecomastia when using PH?s. Again, since we all react differently I did not take those products and used alternatives which I felt were more than adequate for me. We all have a product preference and methods of taking supplements during PCT but, here?s my PCT regime that worked for me: AX-PC, AX-PCT, Formadrol, Silymarin, 7-Keto, CoQ10, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus, Fenugreek, Multi-Vitamin, Super Antioxidants, BCAA?s and HMB, taken at various times and dosages throughout the day and PCT with up and down ramping on some during PCT. Before and during my PH cycle I took 1/4 to 1/3 of a percentage of the majority of my PCT products and a daily water intake of 1-1/2 - 2 gals (sometimes more). Further, there were other supplements that I normally take on a daily basis in addition to those in my PCT.

Although my lifting weight increases were not as great as in my previous cycle, I did not experience any joint pain this time. Although not listed in my PCT regime, I also was taking ?Therajoint? by ISS and Omega 3-6-9 by NOW which are part of my normal daily supplementation and I think they were an added help for my joints, cartilage and connective tissues.

I felt great throughout the Cycle and I must say it was an enjoyable 10 weeks (with exception of my Acne issue). I plan on doing blood work in about a month or so. Although I still have enough refrigerated MD, M1A and M1P for additional cycles which I may plan for sometime next year or I may just go on and continue just to watch my diet, workout with enthusiasm and enjoy my wellness and maybe leave the PHs for you young guys. We shall see.

Everyone, have a Happy Thanksgiving and forthcoming Holidays.