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My Lump, My Lovely Lumbar Lump

In my lumbar area, at the top, i have a part of the spine that really sticks out. You can’t notice it much, but if i bend over you can really feel it. It basically makes like a bridge.
Now, NO ONE i know has this. I’ve asked family and friends and their the same spot and everything.
The thing is, it doesnt hurt. It doesnt bother or anything. It’s just there.

However, should i worry? I went to see a doctor but he basically dismissed it as an anomaly.
I might go get X rays because im not too sure. For all i know it might be on the verge of exploding.
Does anyone else have this??

Not me.

I wouldn’t worry about it if it’s not hurting, as long as it’s not a tumor or something.

Could be a parasitic cyst. I’m not sure how likely this is in a developed country and it would depend on the size.

Oh, the lump is really bone sticking out.
Like i said its kind of arched outwards.
It’s hard etc.
It’s 100 percent bone.