My lower back hurts while squatting.

[quote]Mephisto_ wrote:
Not to exacerbate the issue but the hip flexsor inserts on the lower lumbar spine so any hip flexing motion is bound to aggravate it (including leg press) [/quote]
Why in the hell does everybody in the whole damn world seem to think that the hip flexors play some sort of role in the squat and leg press? Do you guys actually pull your legs toward your chest?

Your hip flexors play no role whatsoever in the squat because there is no load and no stretch on them when the hip is flexed and the extensors are loaded.

There is a limited amount of involvement from the iliopsoas in the upright position to keep you from folding over backwards. As soon as you break at the hips, the erector spinae carry the load.

If you post to tell me I’m wrong, please include a decent technical explanation as to how exactly they assist or impede the squat. Reference material would be appreciated as well. Either I need to learn something or you guys do.

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