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My Low T Story: Pituitary Adenoma, Past Gyno, etc


This may be a bit lengthy.

Around 12 I started developing gyno, had no name for it, just embarassment. Ar 15 I started playing football, the doc that did the physical gave it a name, said it would go away, and not to worry. At 17 it had crushed me, fortunately after pushing the issue insurance paid for plastic surgery, and by 18 I was healed, sans gyno, and I was a very happy camper.

Around 24 I started reading about causes, and some of the low t stuff sounded familiar, so I scheduled an appointment to get a test, fired 2 docs unwilling to get me a blood test, self-referred to an endo who did the tests, and found not only low -t, but low FSH and LH. This led to an MRI where I found out a pituitary adenoma (very small) was the cause. He insisted I try patches and gels, which I begrudgingly did. I complained, and for the last 3 years I've been on injectable test with an every-other-week regiment of 1ml of 200mg test cypionate. All fine and dandy, hate injecting, got in the bad habit of favoring my right quad, and at the end of the shot cycle I became an ass.

For the last month I've gotten serious in lifting, and dropping fat (a little pudgy, not fat-fat), and switched to weekly injections. So far, so good.
I'm concerned about Estradiol levels, and I'm getting a blood test in a few days, followed by a new appt with my doc. FYI I use an 18g need to draw, and a 23g needle to inject. No pain, not sure about the damage, other than adjusting to stabbing myself.

I like my doc, he's a reasonable guy. We chatted about HCG, he said the only way I'd likely get it was as a fertility drug, and it would be overly pricey. I don't have shrinkage, so it wouldn't be a worry. Last time he said my E levels were ok, but I asked to get them re-tested, and he agreed. My hemocrit is high, and I need to deal with it, I have been remiss.

I've lurked on this forum on and off for years, figured I'd man up, register, and introduce myself.


welcome on board.

as you have been lurking you know all of the standard stuff:

  • weekly shot = bad rollcoaster

  • E2 <> 22 = not optimal

  • you have all of your blood results in your own hands and will post for us to see and not just take the docs word that they are "normal"

  • you know about vit D3, cortisol, thyroid, ferritin, problems, and have asked to have those checked.

  • etc.


Try Novadex XT or Rebound XT, over-the-counter armotase inhibitors - if you can't get your hands on Arimidex or similar. Just keep tabs on your E2 (estradiol). Order your own blood test at directlabs.com

By the way pituitary tumors are VERY common and often incidental finding on biopsies. Sometimes finding a pituitary adenoma can lead you down the wrong path. As many as 1 in 4 adults have a little pituitary nodule.

With symptoms starting at just 12 years old I'd be wondering about your endocrine system as a whole.. maybe an inborn problem. You might want to get a urine test from Dr. Crisler or see another endo.



Best thing to do is see the REAL expert on this matter - an ANDROLOGIST - a urologist with a fellowship in andrology.




I knew that bi-weekly wasn't good, but I hated the injection... I've manned up.
I've read people saying weekly still wasn't great, also read about sub-cue. I think I may try to pick up some smaller needles, something in the high 20's. Maybe with that I can do every 3 days. I also need to train my GF how to give shots (any advice on that?)

I'll share my results with you guys as far as the blood test goes.

Why would you think there further endo problems? The gyno kicked in right at puberty, which is pretty much the norm of what I've read. HGH seems like it should be about normal, I'm not short of stature at 6'2", and I don't really have any other issues. I did have an inguinal hernia (triple actually) that was repaired in 4th grade, which I always thought the pressure on my testes may have been the factor that lead to gyno.

I'll look for an andro, I like my endo, and he seems to be straight with me. Another opinion never hurts though.


You can google it or you tube it and get an injection demo.


Been on weekly shots for a month now, notable change.

I got these results after getting a blood test about 3 days after an injection, as I needed to get the test before the doc visit, I know it wasn't optimal timing.

I'll put in those that I felt were important:
Hemocrit: 52.8
Testosterone (I assume not free, but rather total) 1420 ng/dL
Estradiol 65pg/mL

I know 'normal' is useless, but all three were above range. Ref range for test from this lab is 260-1300, and est is 0-60 (leads me to believe it was indeed the male test). Hemocrit range was 40.8-52.


Total T = way too high (need to lower T dosage and go to more frequent shots possibly)
Estradiol = way too high (need to lower T dosage and go to more frequent shots and possibly start or increase Arimidex dose possibly)
Hemocrit = high (you need a ferritin and total iron capacity blood test - if your T is too high Tm it can drive up your iron to unhealthly levels)

how much T are you injecting?
are you using Arimidex, HCG, etc?


You should test 1/2 way between shots.

Injecting how much? mg's, not ml's

What was you pre-TRT hematocrit?
Check your blood pressure?
Feel pulse throbbing in your neck?
Any head aches or other pains?
Take aspirin to reduce blood flow resistance.

Your T dose appears to be too high. You will need to reduce. We need FT and range as well.

You need to donate blood -if they will take it now.

You have estrogen poisoning. You need to use anastrozole. Read the stickies. If you reduce T, E will reduce somewhat. Inject twice a week to reduce T spikes that increase E2 levels and that might also help with the hematocrit.

Are you routinely eating iron fortified foods? Eliminate.

Do not allow your self to get dehydrated before fasting lab work.

Remember! Post ranges with your labs


200mg/ml, I take 100mg / .5ml.
I am not taking hcg, or any proper AI/anti-est. I am however taking Anadraulic State GT which is supposedly an AI/SERM/PSARM, and resveratrol.

I avoid iron fortified foods as best I can. I may have been dehydrated, and the ranges were included at the bottom of my post. I know it was way too close to my shot that I had the test. I need to get better about donating blood, but my hemocrit is down from a year ago. My blood pressure is a-ok at 100/70 (was very close to that, they said it was great).

my endo is anti ai's, he said it'll kill my bones. :confused:


"my endo is anti ai's, he said it'll kill my bones. :/"

(Read:) I am too lazy or too ignorant or I forgot "everything in moderation"....


I know... I've started shopping for an andro.


Endo is right about bone loss, if you are a women with breast cancer who is using an IA to drive E2 to zero. Your goal is E2 modulation to a level that in in normal range and often seen in young healthy males.