My Low Carb Diet

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you a ideal of my dieting experience. I have been using a diet plan very similar to the one that Flaxoil was talking about. It is also very similar to the T-Dawg diet except I do not eat the mess-o-greens meal. My theory is that after I have consumed caarbohydrates (post-workout) then most of the fat in the mess-o-greens will be stored as fat (just a my theory). Here is a rough outline of my diet on a workout day: 1st Meal:4 Eggs and 3 pieces of sausage. 2nd Meal:4 pieces of string cheese and a 2 ounce pack of peanuts. 3rd Meal:4-6 ounces of steak of lean ground beef (it doesn’t have to be lean meat). 4th Meal (1 hour before workout):35 grams of a high glycemic carbohydrate dink with 5-10 grams of creatine and maybe a stimulate to help get through my workout. 5th Meal: 2 scoops of Grow! mixed with 2-3 cups of 2% milk. 6th Meal:Same as 5th meal. On non-workout days I folow the same nutritional plan except I substitute a very low carb and low fat High protein drink for my 4th meal and I also do not consume my 6 th meal (depending on how I feel). There are more specifics to my diet but these are my basic guidelines. I definetely feel as though this is the best and most convenient diet for me. If anyone else has tried a similar diet please let me know what kind of results that you may have achieved.


If you’re worried about the fat in the salad, just drop the egg yolks and feta cheese and add a couple more egg whites. The nutrients in the vegetables will make your body very happy.

About your diet, I tried something just about the same but didn't consume any super high fat foods like sausage. Instead, I used steak, pork chops, hamburger, chicken, and salmon. I felt stuffed all the time but was losing plenty of fat. After 4 weeks, however, my body rebelled and I just couldn't stand to eat another steak. Switching to a more conventional diet allowed me to gain 5 pounds in just one week, only 1 of them being fat. Keep it up, but don't stay with it too long. Even the T-Dawg diet is best limited to 8 weeks or less.