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my low carb deal

well i started a very low carb diet last week, and its going very well. Im not having any problem resisting the carbs, and so far in 6 days ive lost close to 5 lbs. i started it at 178lbs and im down to 173. my bf% my guess is around 15-20. my only question for you guys is, today in my workout i felt really exhausted. no energy left at all. im taking some energy boosters but that didnt seem to help that much. im taking in around 50 - 60 carbs on workout days(because of my post workout shake containing 20carbs), and 20-30carbs on non workout days. do you think i should eat a good carb meal a few hours before workouts? or do you think that might kinda throw off my whole plan. before i started this, i took in around 300-450 carbs a day, not really counting, but i ate like a pig. what do you all think?

I’d say take in some carbs immediately before your workout. A lot of people are using 1/2 serving of surge. This should help fuel your workout and help keep you from hitting the wall without effecting bodyfat loss. You could also use some BCAA/glutamine before your workout and this will also help your energy to an extent but probably not to the extent that carbs would.

how about taking half of my post workout drink about 45 minutes before my workout? just something i thought of after i typed all that stuff

Yeah you could do that but the problem is 45 minutes could be enough time for a 1/2 serving of something like surge to cause a large peak in insulin and blood sugar (which it’s designed to do) followed by a large dip in blood sugar which could leave you with less energy then you had to begin with and an even larger appetite to boot. If you wanted to take in some carbs 45 minutes before your workout I’d rather you munch on a piece of fruit…the reason being fruit is made up of mostly fructose which doesn’t have much effect on insulin but which will refuel your depleted liver glycogen stores and give you some mental energy to start your workout.

Why are you trying a low carb diet anyway? Are you fully aware of what happens to your body on one of these diets? The initial weight loss you are seeing is mostly water. Your body is going to be breaking down muscle to form glucose so it can survive, this is going to slow your metabolism down to a crawl No carbs are also going to severly happer you efforts in the gym, with no gas in the tank you will have a major problem getting an intense weight or cardio workout. Learn how the body works and its needs and you’ll think twice about the diet you are using

well ive read alot about low carb diets. i do take in a good amount of fat and protein still, and im being aided by the use of thermogenics. … im doing it so i can lower my bf% to a good lean size, and then start on a few cycles of 4ad-ec. that way when i eat like a pig, i can still add some fat and not be bothered. but if you have a good way to loose bodyfat AND keep my energy, please tell me. thanks