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My Low Calorie V-Diet Journey

My Low Calorie Velocity Diet Journey

I was fat. I was 5 ft 10 inches at 335 pounds and looking for a diet. I stumbled upon The Velocity Diet after being pointed to T-Nation by another forum I visit.

I read it and thought that it would work for me! I began the V-Diet by going to GNC and purchasing some low carb protein powder, fish oil capsules, and some milled flax seeds. It went fairly well for about 2 days, after which I began to cheat. I added a meal here and there on top of my planned cheat meals. And then there were extra cheat meals, too. Needless to say, the diet ended soon after, with only a minor reduction to my bodyweight.

Saddened by my lack of willpower, I went back to re-read the article and see exactly where I went wrong. I read that this diet was based on the Fat Fast Diet that was based on what I learned to be a Protein Sparing Modified Fast.

A quote from the Velocity Diet
Five years ago a T-Nation contributor pen-named Brock Strasser came up with something called the Fat Fast Diet. This was based roughly on a diet given to morbidly obese patients in medical emergencies, like when they needed to lose 100 pounds as fast as possible so they could safely have surgery.
End of quote

So off I went in search of a weight loss doctor. I found one and went in for my first of what became weekly visits. They took blood, got an EKG reading, and tested my body fat percentage with both calipers and a bioelectric impedance tester, and gave me the average which was 35 percent (38 caliper / 32 bio). The Dr. told me that my weight loss goal for the 6 months I would be on the diet would be 100 pounds.

I was shocked! I actually asked him if he was serious. I can really loose 100 pounds in 6 months? He assured me that it was entirely possible, and then sent me off to meet with the nutritionist. She provided me with advice on how to start and make a clean break from my old ways of eating. She provided me with potassium supplements, an appetite suppressant (phentermine), and all these little boxes of drink packets.

There was a variety of packet options, such as chocolate shake or orange drink, and even unexpected ones like chicken soup or lemon pudding. I was to eat 10 packets a day, spaced out into at least 6 meals, and drink at least 144 ounces of water including what went into my packets. Each packet had 15 grams of protein, and somewhere between 70 and 100 total calories. This would give me an average of 850 calories per day with 150 grams of protein.

I began the next morning. The difference this time was that I had some real help controlling my appetite with the phentermine, and that I was being held accountable. I would have to go back in once a week, weigh in, and discuss my progress with the nutritionist. This was very motivating. I began keeping a food journal to take in with me to these meetings.

As the weeks went by, and the weight continued to come off, I grew more interested in nutrition and exercise. After all, once the diet is over, I need to understand how to live without gaining the weight back. This brought me back to T-Nation again. I began to devour all of the articles by the featured authors, especially if they were written by Chris Shugart (him being a former fat boy), or John Berardi. I ordered Precision Nutrition and read through it a few times to better understand how to properly feed your self. I learned that if I didnt lift weights I would loose too much of my lean body mass while on this diet, three weeks ago I stopped the 45 minute daily cardio sessions the nutritionist prescribed and began to lift. Since I needed some carbs to lift and not just die, I read the V-Diet again, and also about targeted ketogenic diets and Precision Nutritions post workout shake composition and timing. I started drinking Surge during my workouts, and hitting the treadmill for 10 minutes when I am finished to cool down. I never feel sore anymore, and I used to suffer from helacious-gonna-die-please-kill-me D.O.M.S. I think Surge is the greatest thing ever. Magnificent Mobility helped me too, but Christian Thibadeaus Big Black Book of Training Secrets is beyond me. I will have to revisit it in 6 months after I have some more training experience.

I also learned about the evils of soy protein, and went to check out my packets. Guess what I found. They are all made with soy protein. Looks like its going to be all Low Carb Metabolic Drive now. The money spent on packets now all goes to Biotest. I take my Flameout, BCAAs, Alpha Male, Rez-V, ZMA, Surge, Power Drive, Creatine, not to mention the pills prescribed to me by the doctor. I drink 10 servings of protein a day, and on training days have one of Surge. Thats 1000 to 1340 calories per day, not counting the Flameout.

At this point, 10 weeks into the diet, I am on a physician supervised lower calorie Velicity Diet. I lift 2 days in a row, and take one off. Being the untrained person I am, I am making what I feel to be fantastic gains in strength. Those gains Im sure are just me discovering what I am already capable of. I began benching 95lbs, and now am up to 175lbs. I started squatting 135lbs and progressed up to the 275lbs I lifted today. Sadly, I had someone watch my 275lb effort and was informed that I was not going all the way to parallel. From now on, its box squatting for me, and I was able to work up to 225lbs for 5 reps as my last set. I know Ive got more in me. We will see on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is my second visit with the doctor. He will determine my current body fat percentage. I am excited, and want to know how much lean mass I have kept after loosing 46 pounds. Im still fat at 289 pounds, but a lot less than I was. I had to go buy new clothes today, since it looked like I was drowning in my huge old clothes. I walked right past the Big Mens section and bought regular clothes.

I want to thank Chris for creating his diet, and all the other authors on T-Nation that have helped me.

To any fat guy thinking about doing this, or not being able to stick to the V-Diet, seriously consider asking your doctor for an appetite suppressant like phentermine. For me it made the difference and let me get to the point where I could make real changes in not only what I did, but who I am. As an added bonus, it can replace your morning coffee, and you wont miss it at all.

Wow nice story man! Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

Yes you are a definite inspiration to others in your situation…Keep up the progress and hope to see you post a pic of your six pack one day.