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My Long-Ass Story on Steroid Prohibition, TRT, and the Power of the Internet

Hey y’all,

Around this time last year, I posted in the Pharma forum about a steroid story I was reporting for Reason magazine. I asked if any of y’all would be willing to interview with me anonymously, and one of you took me up on it. I ended up speaking to quite a few other people in and around the chemically assisted lifting scene, reading a shit-ton of research literature, and even some old books from the earliest days of testosterone research.

The whole piece is now live: http://reason.com/archives/2017/05/14/how-washington-lost-the-war-on

I’d like to thank the anon T-Nation poster who got in touch, Chris Shugart, who spoke to me on the record about the evolution of testosterone use, and the rest of y’all for providing inspiration for the story.

If you’ve got concerns, critiques, or any other feedback, feel free to rip me right here or hit me up at my email address: mriggs AT reason DOT com.

Happy lifting,
Mike Riggs


Good article. Thanks for the link

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