My Log

So at the moment, im recomping from big to small (losing fat) and then from small to big (muscle)

Age: 26
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 6ft

Current Nutrition Plan is:


4 Eggs
30g Cheese
100g Chicken
3 Caps Fish Oil


5g Creatine


250g Chicken
3 Caps FIsh Oil
2 Table Spoons Olive Oil
1 Table Spoon Avocado Oil
Green Veg


As Above


250g Beef
3 Caps FIsh Oil
2 Table Spoons Olive Oil
1 Table Spoon Avocado Oil
Green Veg

Pre Bed:

3 Whole Eggs

Pre Training:

Post Training:

Heres a Run Down in on the 2nd Week as of tonight:

Monday (1A)
Incline Smith press 11-15rps
Front Smith Press 11-20rps
Reverse grip smith bench 11-20rps
Pull Downs to Front 15-30RP
Rack Deadlift 10-12 (straight set) then 6-8 (straight set)

Wednesday (1B)
BB Curls 11-20 rps
Reverse curls 11-20 (straight set)
HS Seated Calf Raise 10-12 (straight set)
Seated Leg Curls 15-30rps
HS leg press 4-8 (straight set)+ widowmaker

Friday (2A)
Flat Dumbell Press 15-30RP
Machine Military Press 11-20rps
Close grip smith bench 11-20rps
Rack Chins to Front 15-30RP
T-bar rows straight set 10-12 (straight set)

Monday (2B)
BB Preacher Curls 11-20rps
Wrist Curls 11-20 (straight set)
Standing Calf Raise 10-12 (straight set)
Back Squats 6-10 straight set + 20reps widowmaker
Lying Leg Curls (15-30rp)

Wednesday (3A)
Floor Press 11-20 rps
Dumbell Press 15-30RP
Skull crushers 15-30RP
HS Pulldown 12-20RP
Seated T-Bar Row 10-12 (straight set) then 6-8 (straight set)

Friday (3B)
HS Machine Curls 11-20 rps
Pinwheel Curls 10-20 (straight set)
Leg Press Calf Raises 10-12 (straight set)
Sumo Press 15-25
Front Squats 6-10 + 20 rep widowmaker Smith Machine

Mondays Workout:

Incline Smith Press: 11-15 RPS
Warmup Sets: 406, 456, 45*6

S1: 52.5 *9
S2: *2
S3: *1
S4: *1
Bar literally wouldn’t move anymore no matter how long i took. -2 reps :frowning:

Front Smith Press (standing) 11-20 RPS

Warmup Sets: 206,256

S1: 30*9
S2: *6
S3: *5

Reverse Grip Smith Bench: 11-20 RPS

Warmup Sets: 205,255,30*5

S1: 40*20 (Jumped 10kgs from last weeks set so looking good on this !)

Pull Down To Front: 15-30 RPS

Warmup Sets: 255,355,45*5

S1: 52.5*9
S2: *7
S3: *6
S4: *3

Rack Deadlift: 10-12 SS

Warmup Sets: 605,705,855,1005,115*5

S1: 130*12 (love this lift

Rack Deadlift: 6-8 SS

S1: 135*6

Got all my nutrition in, bar the 2 Eggs at night, didn’t get to the gym till 1/2 9 PM so only ate my Dinner at 1/4 to 11.

Waited 1/2 Hr swallowed the ZMA and went to bed.

Also before yesterday, my nutriton used to be:

No Breakfast
Sandwich or something for Lunch
Pizza or some ready made meal for dinner
And ice cream/biscuits afterwards while relaxing.

So this is a pretty big departure from the norm, but after my 1st meal and snack and so far do not desire any carbs, think im sick of sweets and stuff.

Got all my nutrition in yesterday, felt really lazy this morning dunno if this is from my total lack of carbs or what getting out of bed was hard.

Gym tonight, so far all my meals and snacks are done.

BarBell Curls: 11-20 RPS

Warmup Sets: Bar 5, +5kg5

Set 1: Bar + 10kg *14
Set 2: *2
Set 3: *4

  1. Reverse Curls: 11-20 RPS

Warmup Sets: EZ Bar *5, Bar + 2.5kg *5

Set 1: EZ Bar + 5kg *20

Went to low.

  1. HS Seated Calf Raise: 10-12 SS

Warmup Sets: 20kg5, 30kg5, 40kg*5

Set 1: 75 * 11

THAT FREAKING HURTS ( 5 sec neg, and 15 sec hold) Was nearly crying !

  1. Seated Leg Curls: 15-30 RPS

Warmup Sets: 205, 305, 45*5

Set 1: 55*7
Set 2: *5
Set 3: *5
Set 4: *3

5A) Back Squat 4-8 SS

Warmup Sets: 405, 605, 80*5

Set 1: 100*8 OH YA !!!

Think last 2 didn’t go fully all the way down ass to grass but still 100kg is freaking HUGE for me !

5B) Back Squat: Widowmaker 20 reps

Set 1: 82.5*11 (i know i know but fing hell ran out of air !)
Set 2: *5
Set 3: *3
Set 4: *1

Should have only been 3 sets but there was no hope of me coming back up if i went down !

Didn’t get to the shops on time last night, so i missed the 100g Chicken, had 7g BCAA’s and 1 more Egg with the meal to try make up for it

Going to buy the Big beyond belief program, simple and effective… will be a big change from the 3 day split but i have been informed that this program was for people who have been training for ages (oops) and most definately not for me.