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My Little Rant :)


I see this sort of thing often and its really starting to annoy me. No guys im not talking about newbz wondering why doing bicep curls every day isnt making their arms grow. Nor am i ranting about people who call themselves hardgainers who just dont know how to eat (those topics have already been done to death)

Im talking about this sort of thing:


I'll outline the general gist of it all for those of us who are too lazy read it. the author basically lays down the laws of body building.

"Workout Plan Commandments

  1. Thou shalt workout each body part once a week
  2. Thou shalt workout 5 times a week (pick the days that suit you)
  3. Thine workouts shall never last more than 45 minutes
  4. Thou shalt stay within the optimum muscle-building rep range of 8-12
  5. Thou shalt lift for 1-2 seconds and lower for 2 seconds per rep
  6. Thou shalt seek Progressive Overload every week (you need to keep written logs of your workout progress!)
  7. Thou shalt take 1.5 to 2 minutes rest between sets
  8. Thou shalt perform at least 6 sets, and at most 9 sets for each muscle group"

Okay you can see the points in some of his rules.
Rule 1 and 3 is to avoid overtraining and catabolism. Rule 6 is to ensure progress etc.

He then lays out his training program. Note a whole day devoted to biceps. 9 sets for biceps in total. Check out his day for chest a triceps. 6 sets for triceps. 6 sets for legs? Either his biceps are far to undertrained or his legs and triceps are too massive....wait actaully i have another idea...its more likely that this guy doesnt realise his triceps are twice the size of his biceps.

This guy has really no idea what hes on about. Lets say i workout for 60 mins. Anything wrong with that? NO! What if I workout 4 days per week? Anything wrong with that? No! What if I use low reps? No! What if im struggling to lift a weight and it takes me 2.5 seconds to lift instead of 2? No! NO! NO! NO!!!

The worst thing is that people new to lifting are going to use this workout for themselves. Unlike the "hardgainer" who just doesnt eat enough of the new guy who cant get his arms to grow from 25 sets of curls a day this guy is actaully teaching other people harmful stuff....


1- Dont generalise so much! To progress in body building you will need to put your body under strain. You go through peroids of high reps, low reps, workout out for 30 mins working out for 60 mins, working out once a day, working out twice a day. Taking long rest between sets. taking shorter rests between sets etc etc etc.
2- Dont give out advice if you dont know what your on about! There are enough idiots around giving out shit info.

I probably come across as a bit of an idiot myself. Im in no way claiming to be a know it all expert, but this stuff is just common sense....

feel free to point out anything or bag the shit outa me if your bored :slight_smile: ....


think you might want to read it again bud and lok at the wee note at the top , they rules are a send up of assisted trainers


sorry mate im not sure what your referring to?


Training in a Nutshell,-the Mighty Stu -lol

1- select a training program and follow it with concistency
2- eat well, and eat often
3- get enough rest
4- when said program stops having any noticable effects, change exercise rotation, selection, rep range, rest periods,or lifting cadence

"Everything works (has some training effect), but nothing works for very long."

"Don't feel stupidly obligated to perform certain exercises because everyone else does"

"Don't be afraid to use more isolation exercises for certain bodyparts if you have an imbalance that prevents proper stimulation when compounds are used"

"Don't be afraid to use less weight than you buddy if it means you will actually make your target muscles do more of the work by doing so"

"Realize that Rome wasn't built in a day, and keep things in perspective"



ffs sorry think im needing to stick glasses on to read!!! ,sorry mate i just cant read right, thats some set of rules the boy has got!!! ha ah ah


The guidelines are ok they just don't apply to everyone. They definately shouldn't be called 'laws of bodybuilding'


no worries mate :slight_smile:


those are actually pretty basic principles but anyone who can recognize that would already recognize that they are subject to change based on condition.


I don't do 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8
Guess I'll never be big.


besides the rules does anyone workout there biceps for 9 sets and their legs for 6?


Can't agree with these more Stu. Over on the BB.com forums, I'd notice people posting "Looking for a good split" threads for three or four months. Just pick one that fits your schedule, and stick to it! Don't say "it isn't working for me" until you've gone 3 months without missing a workout, eating right, and getting plenty of rest.

I've been working the same 4-day split, with alternating order of exercises each week, for 5 months and am still growing! I haven't missed a workout or a meal (minus one week of flu from hell), and wish I could tell everyone to just go for it. Stop splitting hairs, wondering if 6-10 or 8-12 reps will build more muscle.


i do ~11 bicep sets

i do ~11 quad sets

difference is that the CNS taxation from my quad days is much higher than my bicep days. i usually dont leave the gym feeling like i need to take a nap after my arm day.

i probaly do more arm sets than back sets, and my back is still my best feature. quality > quantity. no point in doing 10 sets of squats if theyre all half-assed. work yourself to the point where you feel deep down youre set. im very in tune with myself. heres an example, everyday i go to the gym at the same time. i dont pick a time to leave i just go when i feel like it. not only do i generally leave my house the same time, but i also finish up my sets the same time. i know this because when i leave, i see the same lady walking at the same part of the street every time.


That'd be 90 percent of the people in most gyms. Arms like popeye and calves like broomsticks.


granted we are all different and once we become experienced know what our own bodies need the most. However if you were making a routine for the average person would you include more sets for biceps then for quads? i think not.


My rules for lifting are my rules. They change depending on my goals and results.

(I think Stu's rules are pretty much spot-on though)


I'll do more work sets for smaller muscles. Most of my lifts for legs and back and shit are pretty taxing and I only usually do one top set.

I have gigantor legs and erectors compared to the rest of me.


if i had a newbie i would train them to failure consistently every session. eventually they would be able to be in tune with their body and then theyd have an idea on what they needed to for themselves. i cant tell you what you need to grow, everyone is different you have to experiment and find whats right.