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My Little Experiment

As most of you who i speak to you regular know, i recently had a sourcing problem so have been unable to come out of trt into a mass gaining cycle following an accident which i am almost rehabilitated from.

So, as a means of using up some gear which i managed to get hold of quickly and easily, (i brought hastily) i have been running a 2 on 2 off protocol all oral while keeping a steady test base consistently through.
Also, during this i have been experimenting nutritional factors.

Starting weight 217lb @ 10%bf aiming to get back to around 240lbs which is where i was before accident @ 7-8%.

Testosterone Enanthate base 2inj/pw totaling 300mg
Dianabol @ 50mg/ed
Winstrol @ 50mg/ed

Yes i know, heavy on the orals but 2 on 2 off 3 times over, so a total of 6 weeks on orals.

The experimentation mainly revolves around whey and milk & egg protein shakes.

Am - usual breakfast of eggs, wholewheat bread, oatmeal and fruit + milk & egg shake.

Every 40 minutes, i am consuming 1 scoop of whey protein until i am due for my next meal, around 3 hours after the last proper meal, a milk and egg shake is then added to each meal.

This takes me up calorie wise to in the 5800 range.

My logic is that as whey absorbs so fast (reguardless of slin spike) i can keep my body constantly loaded with protein while keeping carbs relatively low and fat moderate.

I thus far have gained 21 lbs, 14 of which i would say are non water bloat, bodyfat has remained stable, strength is extreme.

Side effect wise, no gyno etc, i am running adex @ .25mg eod.
But, i am experiencing some abdominal bloat, or more, distended stomach, now i have always had a slightly distended stomach, but it is very pronounced at the momeny, any thoughts on this will be duely noted.

I like the idea of whey scoops between meals, helps add some extra protein…
I should’ve tought about that

when trying to gain mass low to moderate carb fresh ground peanut butter ( nothing besides unsalted pnuts) really helped my overall performance and muscle gain. u might wanna try but its just something that works for me. go thru like 6-8 spoonfuls a day.

Test, I can’t see where you listed the time frame for you weight gain…maybe I am just missing it.

And what sort of whey are you using? I mean, is it anything special like ion-exchange or hydrolyzed[sp]…

aologies my friend, the weight gain has been over 2 and a half weeks - but please bare in mind that muscle memory will play a major role here.

I am using a cheap whey concentrate, thought one i trust the integrity of.

Dave, i am currently consuming 2 peanut butter tbsp maximum a day as i am taking a lower/moderate fat approach and getting most of my fat from olive oil. but appreciate the input mate, before i went ‘permenantly’ on, my diet was somewhat different and i found that a higher fat approach worked reasonably well for me.