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My Little Cousin Robin

Hey all. My little cousin Robin got diagnosed with Leukemia on Tuesday. She’s 3 years old. Of course, I’m not too knowledgeable on the subject besides what the doctors tell the family, and I was wondering if any of you could offer up some advice. Most of the information about her case is on her blog,

so I won’t go into great detail here. Any advice that could help her get through this easier would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys

Thoughts and prayers. Thats all I can offer.

On a positive note, Ive seen BOTH of my friends who were diagnosed with this not only make it comfortably, but are now far far stronger (they lift) and way healthier than they were before they were diagnosed (2 years back).

I had a buddy in college who had Leukemia when he was young, and a cousin who had hodgkins. Both are healthy, and active as hell. I think there are a couple of cancers that if you get them when you’re young, you stand a good chance of coming through okay.

All my best be with you.


Best of luck to you in this hard time; do you know what form of leukemia she has? Treatment availability and life expectancy vary between them, and her odds may be better than you’d expect.

I can’t add much other than to say best of luck to you. Just stay positive and be there for her.

Thanks a lot for the support guys. She has Type B All and got her spinal tap today, chemo starts in a day or two.