My Little Brother's Bloodwork Looks Bad

Тhis is blood work of my little brother(he is almost 27 now). He is obese, he used to workout hard and he is strong but he has stopped working out seriously the last years. Aside his crappy T Im worried about his liver enzymes and CR-P.

What further tests he can make to find out the root cause? Can the liver enzymes, LDL and CR-P be explained by obessity?

He suspects his liver enzymes might be elevated from taking metformin(3-4 months 2000mg XR daily). Im taking the same dosage and I dont have such issues…

TSH S 1.73 µIU/ml 0.27 - 4.20 ECLIA
Free Т4 (fT4) S 11.89 ng/l 9.30 - 17 ECLIA
Free T3 (fT3) S 3.41 ng/l 2 - 4.40 ECLIA
LH S 4.4 IU/L 1.70 - 8.60 ECLIA
FSH S 1.10 IU/L 1.5 - 12.40 ECLIA
Prolactin S 167.3 mIU/L 84.80 - 318 ECLIA
Estradiol S 21.95 ng/L 7.63 - 42.60 ECLIA
Testosterone S 9.79 nmol/l 9.90 - 27.80 ECLIA
SHBG S nmol/l 18.30 - 54.10 ECLIA
Общ холестерол (Chol.) S 4.91 mmol/l 3.5 - 5.20 PHOT
HDL-Холестерол (HDL-C) S 1.12 mmol/l > 1.5 PHOT
LDL-Холестерол (LDL-C) S 3.45 mmol/l 0 - 3.35 PHOT
Триглицериди (Tg) S 0.68 mmol/l 0 - 1.70 PHOT
Албумин S 46.5 g/l 35 - 52 PHOT
ASAT S 47 IU/l 0 - 40 IFCC
ALAT S 66 IU/l 0 - 41 IFCC
GGT S 29 IU/l 0 - 60 IFCC
CRP - 7.4 mg/l 0 - 5 TURB

Low T and FSH.
Is he a heavy drinker?

I don’t read Cyrillic, so I don’t know which thing would be liver enzymes, but Metformin is a very unlikely source for that problem. A lot of vodka is a much more likely source.

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He is not touching alcohol

Your brother is showing signs of inflammation and I’ll bet that’s why the liver enzymes are mildly elevated. Low-T equals inflammation, the question becomes what came first, the Low-T and then the inflammation or the other way around.

The LH is midrange and would expect better numbers than what your brother is getting. The obesity isn’t helping with the inflammation and is a contributing factor.

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How can we identify the reason for his inflamation?

He should see a cardiologist since crp elevated.
Crp very general measure can basically mean anything and even be temporary.

Liver enzymes always elevated? Could be fatty liver since he’s obese.

His t should never be that low…

Dr should run additional labs since crp elevated. Google…

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He needs further testing. Between the CRP and the elevated liver stuff there is def something going on. Could be an infection or hepatitis or something. I think that this is parallel to low T. But I am not a doctor nor am I in the medical field.

Sounds to me he needs to go see a real doctor, and get his weight under control before looking for answers on this forum.

Obesity could be causing any number of symptoms and bad lab values. He needs to rule out any serious conditions with a doctor while at the same time losing weight. Once that is done, reevaluate.

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