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My lifts.

Hi guys ive been reading the forums for a few months now and just got my account working so i thought i would post something. Im 16 years old and have been training for a year on and off, but proabably 6 months ago i started to keep up with a 4 times a week gym routine. Im kinda proud of my lifts, seing as i am only 16 and weigh 175.

One time lifts
Bicep wall curl-50 pounds each arm(good form)
Standing bicep curl-60 pounds each arm
One time flat bench-225 pounds.
One time deadlift-325 pounds( i know it sux)
Squat-200 something.
Military press-115 pounds
Seated front raises-30 pounds each arm
Rear Delt flyes-22.5 pounds each arm( my weakest part)
Incline bench-150 pounds

Other stuff
Chin ups-20
Wide grip chin ups-2-3
Push ups-140 okay form,50 perfect form.

Ah well im just rambling but whatever, if anyone could give me a tip to raise my bench press endurance(i have okay power) or if anyone has any comments,please say whatever. Im on more than 1g protein per pound, I drink post work protein shake, im on 5 g of creatine before my workout,and i eat a crapload of stuff all the time to try abd gain mass.Ya well whatever,peace everyone.

Prioritize your squat, not your bench.

Do some rows.

Heres a couple of links to articles by Dave Tate

Eating search for John Berardi

For a 16 year old with a year of training experience, you are doing just fine.

Your bench is 50 lbs over bodyweight, which is respectable, and your deadlift is almost double your bodyweight. Nothing to sneeze at.

Keep training, and keep learning as much as you can about training. There is a ton of good information on this website.

Oops. I missed the part where you were asking for suggestions.

The best time to take creatine is immediately after your workout, with some fast-digesting carbs and protein.

Also, don’t neglect your squats. If you can bench more than you can squat, you need to bring your squats up. They should be similar to what you are deadlifting.

If I could give one piece of advice to a new guy it would be to “change your routine regularly”. Do different rep ranges, different lifts, different bodypart combinations, different order. Don’t go more than 6 -8 weeks without changing your workout in some way or another. Vary your rep ranges and weights, especially.