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My Lifting Schedule

I lift everday and I was wondering if my schedule was harming my body more than helping it.

Mon- Chest
Tue- Back
Wed- Arms
Thur- Legs
Fri- Core
Sat- Light Weights (upperbody)
Sun- Light Weights (fullbody)

I also run for 45 minutes each day.

Are you making gains?..if not, most likely, your body isn’t able to recover, and you’re not eating enough with all that you’re doing. You should probably back off on the cardio a bit unless you’re trying to be brad pitt or something and add a rest day or two in there.

what are your goals, training level/experience …be more specific. personally i don’t like the body part split, especially for beginners.


looks like you are overtrainging to me. What are your stats?

Depends on what you weigh how much you eat and what your goals are… and how long you have been working out