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My Lifetme TRT High Dose


Either pharma grade test 250mg every 5 days OR 300mg UGL a week split into two doses and 1 - 1.5mg adex every week for life without donating blood but will get bloods every few month.

I'm 32 now but will i live to 60 with this protocol?


Holy balls man! What's the guarantee you'll see 60 even if you don't do it?

Personally, I do not see an issue. Typical TRT (after they get done screwing around with the gels) is 200 ml of Test Cyp per week so gage off of that. Using an AI and getting BW every few is smart.

There are other factors that are completely left out of the longevity equation. If you like to pound the beer and drive down the highway with a cigarette butt hanging out of your mouth on your way to Burger king at 3:00 a.m., I'm going with you aint going make 60.


Sade, i'm on 100mg cyp trt for life. I want to do 200mg but my dr absolutely will not increase the dose. I do 50mg twice a week. I'm having a meltdown over it! I need to find some cyp so I can run 200 a week myself but I think I just got scammed on my first ever attempt to find a online source and now i'm scared to death to send out anymore money. The reason I want 200 mg is because I was able to up my dose to that and man did it make a difference in the gym and libido.

I screwed up bad though, my initial script was a 100mg/10ml bottle test cyp and the script said six refills. My dr had set me up/and still has me set up at 300mg every three weeks in one injection with two syringes added to the prescription. So my dumb ass thought, hey, I have a extra 4ml so I can play with that...lol...pharmacy gave me four bottles in a row every 30 days then when I called the fifth bottle, they said no, per your dosage of 300mg you should have enough to last you to mid November! Now i'm screwed because I only have enough for another two weeks at 100mg a week ...lol....can't get anymore till mid November so I am in sheer panic mode!


My Brother is on the same protocol; said he feels worse then before he started. Try going back to the doctor and tell him how you feel, depressed again, no sex drive, falling asleep on the couch 2 hr. before bedtime, brainfog, ect. Damn doctors need to quantify everything, insurance is partly to blame too. He may want to send you for some more bloods so make sure you arnt at your T peak. TRT is less about numbers then how you feel. I started at 198, hit 240 in 3 months then 660 the next year. Got some shit from the doc when it jumped to 1100, oops! Guess where I felt my best?! Btw, check your E2, you may need an AI.


All that bullshit about TRT having to stay between 100 and 200 mg test...

Imo anything lower then 250/wk isn't even worth considering. 100 or 150 does what? Keep you just from suicide? If you really want benefits as improved libido, holding on to muscle mass and fat loss over time, you'll need more!

I know guys in their SEVENTIES taking 500/wk without any problem!!

TRT is for people who don't lift and don't care about how they look. TRT for bodybuilders is called CRUISING!



Can I go see your Doctor and get a script? I'm with you Bro, Just wish I could get my Doc to see it that way. But like most guys, we'll take what little we can get. I think some guys do get ahead of their TRT program and jack it up some.


I'm feelin you kohala and double lung!

Hey double, are u ready for bow season? I'm shootin a Hoyt Alpha Max and dialed in like a mutherfucker....lol...oops can I say that on the forum? Sorry mods.....


60 is still very young to die.


That's a Bear Element, shoots fine, the problem is the guy who's holding it. Just got her out and sailed a few. Not as accurate as I want to be but that's typical for now. My 10 y.o. wants to try the xbow this year so I'm working with him. I'm in PA, you?


That's a Bear Element, shoots fine, the problem is the guy who's holding it. Just got her out and sailed a few. Not as accurate as I want to be but that's typical for now. My 10 y.o. wants to try the xbow this year so I'm working with him. I'm in PA, you?


I'm in Indiana now, born and raised in West "By God"..........

I've got some elbow tendenitis from the gym that's bothering me right now so i'm gonna take a couple of weeks off from shooting my bow. I don't think i'll drop off much.


You might try going to Wal-Mart and buy some DHEA 50mg and take it daily, at least until you get a new script.

The 200mg test injections gave a roller coaster effect. You're hitting the sweet spot when you first inject, it takes about two days for test c to peak then it steadily falls. Your body reacted to the initial boosts, but that won't stay constant even on 200mg/week. The body is constantly trying to balance hormones and excess converts to estrogen.

Excess DHEA can convert to estrogen so don't go overboard with it or you will have gotten no where.

Are you injecting subcutaneously or im? Sub q has a slower absorption without the spike associated with im injections and you may notice a difference.


That's interesting info on the DHEA dog thanks!. I'm injecting im. I'm still holding out hope that I get what I ordered online but after reading up on this source I think I got scammed. I should have made friends on the board and maybe went that route first but I was time pressured....


I know the feeling. Ya, I can out lift the average bow hunter but damn, when I start to draw, I swear the old bucks can hear my joints creakin'. But seriously, we stretch out before a chest/ back workout, gotta do the same with shooting.


I've talked about it here before, my Dr gives me 250 every other week, I purchase the same dose off my buddy. I have been doing this for 3yrs with no armidex or novadex, and no problems, my wife loves it. In my case life seems to cycle me off at least once a year, and i seem to bounce back no problem, sex, and mood wise.

I'm 40 by the way, and my Dr has never done blood work, he asumes my test is low due to the meds I'm on. Also don't understand why you would shoot more than once a week, I use test etanate, and only shoot once a week. 2cents, goodluck


Curious to why wouldn't you want to have blood work done? I have my blood work done once a year with my physical. With me, my Doc is running several tests for overall health not just "T".

As for shooting more then once a week; I'm fine with a single shot of 200mg cyp once a week but when I ran 400mg, I didnt want that boost and then have to ride it out for 7 days. Peaks and valleys, no thank you.


I do get my blood tested through my own Dr, but the Dr that perscribes the test, has never asked for blood work, this I find weird. He's not my reg. Dr, just a Dr I heard about that hands out test, lol


Or you could crank that bitch down a few pounds and kill a deer just as dead...lol...unless of course your taking 50 yd shots...lol


So how do I stay in that sweet spot?


Well before I started trt I scanned this forum and the main man with all of the knowledge on the trt section as well as others say test cyp 100mg per week is better if you take 50mg in two shots during the week to avoid any hi/lo deal and stay steady in the way you feel. At least that was my understanding