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My Life Truly Sucks

Rougerat, I think you are way off, If your a bodybuilder then you know how the sport can encompass your whole life…To you bodybuilding may just be a hobby, but to others it is their livelihood…Just because a self-image problem seems like minor problem to you, does not mean it is a minor problem to someone else…You think people haven’t ended their lives because of it?? Your comments are of no help to anyone, and I even wonder why you cared so much to voice your opinion if its such a minor problem compared to other situations…

Oneday, just keep positive and believe in yourself you will get where you want to be no matter what it takes…keep your mind off your appearance, go through your daily activities, and put all your effort into your training and diet, As far as diet and training advice, if I were you I would contact some of the people at Beverly International
Best Of Luck

5’11, 180, 14% BF, sorry to tell you this but you’re in pretty good shape. You might have a goal of cutting down a little more BF but you’re saying you look like shit. That reminds me of the anorexic girl who thinks she still too fat. What you probably want to do is go to a doctor, maybe some zoloft or something should work. I’m not knocking it, because i’m sure everyone has it a little bit here t-mag, including myself, but I think you have BDD. Body dismorphic disorder.

Just wanted to compliment you -
I remember a thread a few weeks back when you asked about yogurt and other dairy products, and here you are passing on the information that other T-Maggers gave you.
That’s how it’s supposed to be!

To clarify for everyone, at least try to clarify:
I guess as far as my workouts are concerned, I am kind of conflicted. All I ever talk about is being cut, yet when I go to the gym, I use high weight and low reps, which is not the way to get cut. For my size and my background, (I come from a family of overweight people), I throw around some pretty heavy weight. I leg press 900 pounds, I bench 230, squat 450, it’s just when you look at me, you can’t tell that I work out, which bothers me to some extent. I mean, when I look at pictures from a couple of years ago, the difference is staggering. I have three taped to my mirror for motivation (semi-Rockyesque, I know). I’d like to thank everyone for their replies, they have all been very helpful…

With those kinda numbers, I think you’re strong enough to try HST. Look for an interview on T-mag with Bryan Haycock. Read it, and follow the links to his website, and give his articles there a read. Read it good, and give it a go. You should really stimulate muscle growth with it.

I am very glad that you’re trying to beat your obese roots. T-mag published an article this week to give to your family members.

I too think you have (or atleast are developing) body dysmorphic disorder. Contrary to what that other guy said, this problem is VERY worthy of attention. Try telling the parents of the guy/girl who killed themselves because of BDD that they should stop whining, since there are “worse” things in the world.

The fact is, a person may be strong enough to endure disability or cancer, but crumble under the duress of a disease such as BDD… it’s all relative and you cannot judge anothers pain. Your problem (could be) very serious so don’t down play it.

Intrestingly, a rapid weight lose can interfere with nor-epinephrine and seritonin (as well as obviously dopamine) levels. The nor-epinephrine deficiancy especially can retard cognitive abililty… ie. your objective reasoning. Thus, you run a high risk of exuberating already present or activating latent BDD during/after weightloss.

The diet advice already given has been excellent, but I would like to add that re-feeds may be a go once you get <12%. Also, I definately make sure you get enough fish oils and add tyrosine (which, I think, is in powerdrive). Also, (although it seems very un-t-man) I would go and see a psychologist who SPECIALIZES in bodydysmorphic syndrome… There are some excellent anti-depressents out now which normalize nor-epinephrine (REMERON), but I would only opt for that if you are REALLY down (ie. cannot function) as it may increase appetite.

I agree with everyone else about reducing training. Try 4 days/week (perhaps making day 4 a full body day) and add HIIT cardio on off days. Oh, and ZMA is a cheap supp. that will probably be worth it as it will help normalise you endocrinal hormone levels, which may be off par because of you weight loss.

Good luck bro.