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My Leverages in the Squat/Bench/Deadlift


Hey can anyone comment on my leverages on each lift. Basically I want to know which lift I’d be more inclined to have the best performence.


The squat and the deadlift were a long time ago because they were on my YouTube and the bench is the most recent


Not much stands out. You will probably be even through the lifts. I would say the squat but wrapping have you an edge. The average person doesn’t have great leverages for one lift over another. I got lucky I lock out at my knee almost on Deadlift and it shows with me pulling 125-140lbs more than I squat.


Really? I think I lock out my deadlift around where Belkin and dan Green lock it out for what I see. I lockout about where my quad muscles start


Unless you have extremely unusual proportions, it will be impossible to judge based on a video. You can search something like “average limb proportions” and you should be able to find something. Technique and muscle mass has a lot to do with your performance as well. For example short and skinny arms are not going to bench big weights and poor technique is always a limiting factor, but there are guys with longer arms (like Vince) who have decent benches. Similarly, Layne Norton has extremely long femurs but still manage to set an IPF squat record.

Also, I’m no expert on squatting in wraps but it looks like you could get a lot more out of them if you could keep your hips from shooting up. You aren’t getting much benefit from the rebound if your hips shoot back right out of the hole. It makes sense (within limits) for squatting without wraps if you have a stronger posterior chain, but it looks like the wraps are not doing much for you there.


Look me up on YouTube Vincent Pachuta. You’ll see what I mean for Deadlift leverage. Dan green doesn’t really have that great of leverage it still locks fairly normal.


We kinda of lock our deadlifts out around the same area.


I think I’m built for squatting to be honest.


You need to stop. This is not stuff you need to worry about. You are still very much a novice.