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My Levels Are Way to High. Need Advice

I have another thread but the title might be stopping people from opening.


Labs based on 50mg eod with 0.25 adex taken with every shot.

Total T 24.6nmol/l (6-27)� 
E2 <73pmoll/l (0-172)� 
Tsh 1.33miu/l (0.3-5.6)� 
Prolactin 8.3 ug/l (2.6-13.1)� 
Free test 848 pmol/l (196-636)� 
Dihydrotestostrone 5016pmol/l (860-3406)� 
Bio test 18.8nmol/l (3.6-11.2)Ã?Â

-i feel really good energy and libido is crazy.

-maybe a bit to aggressive and hair seems to thin a bit.

My doctor has me on 200mg/wk which he thinks i take in one shot. He does not know i am on adex. After seeing the bloodwork he freaked out and told me to try 150wk. I am kind of nervous because i need the bloodtest to comeback in normal ranges or he will know something is up if i end up back at 100mg
/wk whith much improved bloodwork,By taking it eod compared to when i did 100mg wk or 50 e3.5d. I am going to try and do a bloodtest at a walk in clinic if possible to fix it before doing my regular doctors bloodwork.

I am confused on what to do. My options i have thought of .

40mg eod with 0.25 adex with shot.
-i am not sure if this will lower T levels enough and e2 might go to low as i am right in the midddle doing 50mg/0.25adex

40mg t, 0.125adex(might be hard to cut this small wil need a drug scale? Or maybe do adex 0.25 e3.5d or something

20-30mg mg no adex
-might work or might not be enough test. Not sure how my body will react from 50 to 40 drop. Would like to be on the high end as possible.

Any help would be great.

[quote]dimitrij wrote:

Any help would be great.[/quote]

Yeah, stop botching your doctor’s work and tell him you are taking a drug that might interfere with what he is trying to do.

Your statement “he will know something is up…” implies you are being dishonest with him.

By the way, some men do just fine with 100 mg once per week, with no AI, like myself. But then again I am biased considering I believe the peaks-and-valley symptom from injecting once per week is overblown and that estradiol fear is overblown too.

Doc may be used to seeing labs based at end of 7 days where levels would be lower.

Why does doc think that 200mg/week was justified? Totally inexperienced?

[quote]KSman wrote:
Doc may be used to seeing labs based at end of 7 days where levels would be lower.
Why does doc think that 200mg/week was justified? Totally inexperienced?[/quote]

Ya your probably right he is use to seeing my numbers on the low end. He does not know i do eod shots. He told me himself he doesnt know much about trt, but was willing to try and figure it out with me. Hes cool because he is trying to help but when things need adjusting he freaks out.

He bumped me down to 150mg week. I have switched to 20mg ed shots and cut out the adex for now. Will probably need to add it back in but i am going to try and hold off until i do bloodwork. Would rather try 16 or 18mg ED if i can avoid AI and maintain a decent T level.