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My Legs Day


I've been working on my legs for 1 month now. I have Flat ass hamstring so I really wanna have big hamstring so I planned to add Straight leg deadlift, but the problem is I get dead exhausted after doing Squat so I always give up Straight leg deadlift and I just do leg curl and seated leg curl. Do you think I should do Str8 deadlift first b4 squat? or leg curl and seated leg curl enough for hamstring? I need some help on this


I would just widen up your stance on the squat to use more of the hamstrings. I assume your doing regular deads somewhere else in your program?


If you really want to focus on legs, why not try 2 leg workouts a week. First one focus on squats. The 2nd workout could be focused around the deadlift.

You can also try some single leg back extensions. They can really hit the hamstrings.


I know that's its tiring to do squats and then do an excercise like str8 leg deads or romanian deads after. But you need to do them! Deffinitly do your squats first but toughen up and do the str8 leg/romanian deads after. Step it up. The hard work will pay off. You'll see improvements and your hammies will thank you for taking your training to new levels of intensity.


Yea I guess I gotta force myself more. Do you think 2 exercises for quad is enough? like str8 dead and leg press? or do I need more? For ham I'm gonna do str8 dead, leg curl and seated leg curl.


I'm not quite sure. Do you mean 2 exercises after squats?

Regardless, since you've had trouble forcing yourself to do the squats then str8 legs, just start with a load that you can handle. Then progress after that.

On my front squat day, I front squat, romanian deadlift and use the glute ham raise to finish it off. Not a lot of volume but the quality of the exercises are great and I balance it so I can still work hard through out the week with out burning out.

So just find a volume of lift that are efficient and effective and a volume that you can handle.

Just keep squatting first and foremost.


It is 'straight' for fuck's sake!! You are not typing a text message on your mobile phone here.

Sorry, rant over.


I meant how many exercises do you do for each leg muscle group.
Do you do only front squat? not back squat?


yeah. roflmao, helga is right IMO.


Do you guys think working legs twice a week is good idea? like calves?


Well, I would suggest working calves twice a week, and then working legs twice a week. Maybe something like Monday and Thurday calves, and Tuesday and Friday legs. Then you have a nice balance between calves and actual leg work outs.


It couldn't hurt, and it takes getting used to. Hell, I squat 3 times a week and sprint on 2 other days, call me crazy but I wouldn't feel normal if I did less.

For your other question about front squats. Yes I do back squats also.

I front squat on Tuesday (can't wait, that's tomorrow!) and I do the assistant exercises that I mentioned above. Thursday I do overhead squats and sometimes a clean variation (if I didn't on Tuesday), with one other assistant leg exercise and shoulders and on Saturday I do back squats with no assistant exercises. Just 4 sets of squats and that's it until Monday when I do chest/tri.


I have two leg days one in my first three day cycle:

Trap Bar Deadlifts
Barbell Calf Raises
Sled Dragging

and one in my second three day cycle:

Full ATG Squats
Straight Legged Deadlifts

My hamstrings are coming along nicely, and I definitely think SLDs play a big part. If you can't lift it use less weight. If you just don't want to do it, we can't help you, that's a willpower issue.


Damn guys how many days do you work out? I'm a college student so sometimes I dont have time to work out due to shit loads of homework and exams. For now I'll just stick with One full day leg work out and when I have time I'll move on to two days for legs. Yea and I'll force myself and finish Straight dead for sure. Today I found out something interesting. When I was working on my biceps today I couldn't finish my usual reps cuz I didn't lean back today. i set my back straight like a mothaf***.

I guess form is really important. That means I've been wasting time til now. I guess I gotta lower weight and do it with right form. How about tempo? I go 10 sec on negative and 2 sec. on positive. I get exhausted like hell so it's so hard for me to move on to the next bicep exer. How slow do you guys go on negatives?


Right now 4 days a week 2 upper 2 lower, how many do you??

yes form = good,Yes drop the ego go full ROM

Tempo. go down and then go up. In most cases for BIG leg exercises DL, squats etc and most exercises just go under control good form and move some damn weight.

Then change things up from time to time add in sloww eccentrics, some holds etc. but in general lower undercontrol, then LIFT that SOB.



4 days here too
this is my prog.

Monday - Chest and biceps
Incline db press x 4(sets)
Incline bb press x4
decline bb press x4
flat bb press x 4
Cable cross over x 4
Ez bb curl x 4
Olympic bb curl x4
Db curl x 4 ( sometimes can't finish it )

Wednesday - Back and tricep
Deadlift x 4
BB row x 4
Chin up x 4
Skull crusher x4
Tricep pulldown or whatever you call it x4
Dip x 4

Friday- shoulder and bicep
Arnold db press x 4
Shoulder BB press (smith) x4
Fly reversed x4
cable rear delt row x4
Upright row x4
BB curl x4 (my new plan )
Db curl x4 (my new plan)

Sunday - Legs
BB calves raise x6
seated calves raise x4
Squat x 4
leg press x3
Straight leg deadflit x 4 (will do it)
Leg curl x3
Seated leg curl x3
Inner thigh machine x3

now I didn't post reps. I basically increase weights for each reps and the reps gets fewer.
So critique my routine please.