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My legs are too big!

Hey all,
i am a high school student who enjoys lifting weights. Although I havent always stuck to it, I’ve recently started up again. The thing is, I have naturally huge legs - it varies where i measure my thighs but >29inches around is a measurement i’ve gotten before! I am 5’11", about 210 pounds. Anyway, its hard for me to find pants that fit my legs - I buy pants with 2-3 inches larger waist than mine (me=35-36) just to fit my legs! I can squat over 300 pounds for sure, seeing as how I do 255x3x7 squats. this is totally out of whack with the rest of me, e.g. my 160 max bench press! So, should I stop doing squats to keep my leg size down? What should my leg training be like? I am currently trying to cut body fat to trim my legs as much as possible…but I don’t think it will be enough. Thanks for advice!

What are your goals in the gym?? if it is to get huge, then no, don’t stop squatting at all. squat more, go bigger, and the rest of your body will catch up. But thats only if your goal is to become huge… but any way you look at it, I would never cut out squats.

you could always just try using a wheelchair for a while…

It sounds like you are one of those guys that just has naturally stocky legs, which means the rest of you is probably pretty solid. That’s awesome, you probably won’t have a problem bulking up.

As far as dieting, I don’t know if you’ll ever lose the bulk of your legs (that is if you have giant calves and muscular legs). Just eat right, trim off the fat, lean out and keep building. Needing a personal tailor is something to brag about.

Make them bigger

Don’t train for hypertrophy, that is all. What is so difficult about that?

Why you are worried about this is beyond me, but anyway…

Loopfitt, I respect your opinion because you know your stuff, but I think the question, though it is kind of dumb to me, is more complicated. Some guys do have bodyparts (or bodies) that grow when you train them, simple as that. They can eat 700 calories a day, mostly from cocoa puffs, use a ridiculous protocol, drink like a fish and blow coke, and still grow. For some people, there is no ‘not training for hypertrophy’ besides not training at all.

Now, based on his numbers, I doubt this individual has the ‘problem’ I’ve just described. But they’re out there…we all know one.

how are your legs so big but you can only squat 300 lbs?

Hey brother-
I also have genetically “bigger” legs in proportion to the rest of my body, well, I used to anyway. The best thing for you to do is to gain size to your upper body. This will help to make your legs “look” smaller or at least more proportionate. If your goal is to actually decrease the size of your legs, that would mean losing lean mass, which your sure to lose everywhere else as well only making you look more disproportionate. So, leave the legs alone, get your upper-body jacked.


I got big legs too. I would say their is not much you can do. My legs were the same size as they are now when I was in Highschool but my upper body was much smaller. I’ve found many pants that make their legs big enough to fit me, it’s just a matter of looking for the right fit. I know as guys we like to get in and get out when it comes to shopping but I guess that is something we have to live with in this game.

I am, or was a least, in the same boat. I am 5’11, 170, and can squat over 300 as well. However what brought the size of my legs down -relativly speaking- was training my upper body twice as hard.

work with what you have, play to your strengths, and over come your weaknesses. (shit I sound like a self help book)

Train legs once every two weeks for 8x3 reps 90% to 100% max to get a good strength base going.Concentrate on your upper body!

what’s your body fat level? maybe you need to lose fat and focus on the upper body while working out legs once a week for power. Your legs don’t sound too big. Your stats do not seem to out of whack as far as size goes. If you can’t see the striations in your quads then you need to lose fat. laters pk

I would recommend continuing to train your legs for power, while training the upper body for hypetrophy. Squattting 300 is pretty weak, and while your legs might get a little bigger, training them up to a 1 or 2 rep max, on a few different exercises (squat and good mornings for example) once or twice a week, maybe training them for speed one other day per week, will mostly let your legs build enough strength to match their size,and this will help your upperbody to grow.

I have a similar “problem” (I think alot of lifters would consider it a blessing). I have passed the 30" mark, and right now am at about 31". As simple as it seems, it is hard to just train for strength and not hypertrophy. I am an Olympic Lifter and my sets are always low reps. Right now, training for a meet, I am only Front Squatting once a week, yet my legs still got a bit bigger. Obviously all of the Cleans and Snatches contribute, but it’s not always as cut and dry as that. Honestly, my legs would grow if I THOUGHT about squatting. My calfs are 19" and I’ve never done a calf exercise in my life!!!

As far as the pants…I hate jeans because of the tightness issue. For dress pants, I have to get a bigger cut, and a waist size bigger than what I need. Buy a good belt…or buy from one of those bodybuilding clothing stores (although I think their pants look horrible).

And be proud that you have something that sets you apart from all the guys with 18" arms and 18" thighs.