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My Left Side is Much Weaker Than My Right


For example my left traps. Upper, middle, and lower traps suck on my left, right obliques are weaker. When I pick up let’s say a 100lbs dumbbell with my right hand my right traps and left obliques barely feel the weight, but when I pick up that same weight with my left hand, my left shoulder slumps over and is pulled downward and my right obliques have a hell of a hard time preventing lateral flexion. I don’t know how I let it get this bad. Any recommendations for fixing this awful imbalance?


Do you Deadlift?
Do you pull mixed grip deadlifts?
If you do, do you alternate grips?

Are your hips even? ie Lateral Pelvic Tilt?
Do you do any direct Oblique work?
Any direct low back work?
Any direct spinal erector work?


Gonna gander it’s not as bad you said since you haven’t come back


Add some more unilateral work that will also challenge your core.

Try single arm pressing and rowing variations (one arm at a time), suitcase carries, and anti-rotation movements.

There are no overnight fixes, but over time any imbalances should start to go away.