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My Left Shoe




5/3/1, month 2, week 2.

Deadlift 5x3.

PR by 10 lbs.

then i did some other stuff.


SO, I've had "The Hustle" stuck in my head for a few days now. Did some youtube-ing, and found this lil gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-FhczpCZ84

The "dangerous" one had me crying I was laughing so hard.


nice dead lifts- did you really go five fingers?


yeah. im wearing them for deadlifting. and thats my kitchen floor.


How much is that deadlift?


its 255!


255 is great..
I cant get with the 5 fingers- one of the brotards at the gym wears them,and his gloves, straps,
and doo-rag.


ohhhh. I get it. so, if YOU wear them, you'll be a brotard, too?


I'm guessing about 12%.



thank god someone got it.


255 is awesome.
You know why it's awesome?
Cause I'm going to get there too. This week or next.
(But your form is so much prettier than mine -- you make it look easy.)


oh!!! so you show that skanky lil left shoe!! very fancy one at that. my lil tarty shoe is jealous.

nice deadlifts---mine will never be so hot, i hate them ohhh so much. good job:)


I thought you meant you were deadlifting on your kitchen floor. Wicked kitchen. You're so lucky. Then I got what you meant.

I didn't get the 12% thing either.


You wouldn't...

(whispers an aside to Ouro: I don't get it either)


Those were some beautiful deadlifts. The five-fingers, however, are kind of freaking me out.


Maybe it's the shoe body fat thing. If that's the case, I think you have to be holding the shoe so we can compare you to it. Regardless, I don't think it works with Vibrams. They fall too far outside the standard deviation of fat telling foot wear.


Yes I would cross over to being a brotard.. but Ill give dude crdit he always matches
I did like your floor engineered wood is nice, I only got the 12% thing after a while.


DANIT! puma?

EDIT: a month later I've decided to provide the link, just so everyone can be on the same page.



hey cbear, so i'm wondering, cuz i love my vibrams too (i have two pairs). i use them for everything, but when it comes to my deadlifts and squats lately, I've noticed that i tend to tilt everywhere but into the ground during the lift.

i figure this is because my weights are getting heavy and no matter how much i try or what shoes im wearing, my feet are never going to be as flat as a pair of chucks. which is why im going to switch over to chucks next week and see how my lifts go. im thinking the stable, flat surface they provide might work out a little better than the vibrams for those two lifts at least.

not sure how long you've been using your vibrams, but thoughts?