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My Leaky Faucet


No, this isn't a post about plumbing but rather about urinating. When I am done peeing, I naturally shake it to get the last few drops out. But, no matter how much shaking I do, when I tuck the l'il soldier back into my pants, a little bit (sometimes more) of urine still comes out.

I have tried tricking "him" by putting him away and then quickly taking him out again but that doesn't really work and I get some strange looks from fellow urinators (peeers looks weird). If I'm not wearing underwear, it either goes right down my leg or onto the floor and if i am wearing underwear, it creates an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing wet spot that can be seen through my shorts/pants.

I asked a doctor about this and he said I may have a fissure in my urethra but testing for this is painful and that I'm better off just dealing with it. Has anybody else experienced this and come up with a satisfactory solution?


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c'mon now......nobody?


I'm sorry to say I have the exact same problem. It can be pretty bad sometimes. The best thing for me is to shake out all i can, then squeeze out the last bit onto a wadded up square of TP.


try wearing black dockers stain defender. You won't get that wet spot.


I saw on a bathroom wall once:

No matter how much you shake,
No matter how much you dance,
You always get that last drop in your pants.

Sorry I can't offer you any advice or help, but you are not alone.


Oh man, I have the same problem, and I utilize the same "trick." I found that the best solution is to wait it out and pinch the last few drops. That extra 5 seconds usually does the trick, as does the pinch. Good luck!

With all the water and green tea I drink I spend much of my day pissing!


I've got the same problem. I have found a solution. I think the sensation of stickin Mr. Happy back in your pants, and having him ecounter 1. cloth or material and 2. heart sends the drippage out. While this isn't feasible at a urinal, just placing him on a piece of toilet tissue lets you get out this last vestiges of urine without it ending up in your boxers. Hope that helps!


Wow, it's like you read my mind. I've had this problem for a loooong time, but I always thought it was because I was uncircumsized. See, you can try to pull your skin back when you piss and not get any pee on it, but 99% of the time that will lead to it shooting out either way too fast with splash back, and/or in a weird or all directions. So the only thing I can do is to wipe off with some TP afterwards. I think that's the only hope.

Oh, this post is about circumcision, don't read it if you don't want. You've been warned.


Great visual. I can picture the dudes next to you at the urinal diving for cover...


It's more of an issue at home.



She's going to make you pee sitting down from now on. Hahaha!


Ya know I have the same prob, and since im goin commando most of the time, that last drop makes a wonderful spot. I usually just pray A) people wont notice or B) try to pull my shirt down far enough that it isn't noticeable and then I dont worry after its dried. I tried givin it a few "extra" shakes, but I always get looks from guys who think im freakin goin at it LOL. So to summarize, I deal with it =(


If you shake it more than twice, you're playing with it.

AWWWW... Come on, somebody had to say it!

Dudes, I think this is not as uncommon as y'all might imagine. I'm actually wondering who this DOESN'T happen to.



I assume you guys are already giving it a few good PC muscle squeezes and then some vigorous shaking before you put it away right?

PC muscle squeezes are key.


Ok, if the wet spot is unavoidable, do this: when you go to wash your hands, purposely splash water around other parts of your pants, and shirt too if you want more of an effect. Then as you leave the bathroom, shout out loud so that anybody within viewing distance can hear, "Shit! Somebody better fix that damn water faucet in the bathroom!"


I've found the solution to the problem which stems from the fact the urethra makes a detour to the testicles. This 'dips' the urethra and leaves a bend where those last drops, and sometimes far more than drops, linger to wait for you to button up.

After shaking off the last drops, bend over slightly and push with your inner thigh against and up your glockenspiel as far as you can. This will empty the reservoir completely, shake some more and you're done. No more piss staines!


Same thing here, especially when I drink diet pop soda.

Here`s a trick, similar to the (almost) empty toothpaste tube -- you can always squeeze out some more if you start at the farthest. It may not work for you. When everything is done, shaking included, keep you primary hand on your penis as you usually do when pissing. With the other hand, try pressing sensitive zone between the scrotum and the anus, just right where the scrotum ends, in a forward and upward manner.

Even though I have a fit PC muscle, sometimes I still need to use this manual pressure technique.


I do that aswell, but its not possible in public toilets. Shame.


I don't see how it can be much of a problem unless you're going commando. The only time it's an issue for me is at the gym because the types of running shorts I wear tend to show through quite easily. The nearest bathroom to the weightroom is usually empty so I can do the shake-squeeze-shake most of the time and otherwise the shake-pause-shake which just looks like you decided to take another squirt after the first shake.


There is actually a rather simple solution that seems to work well for me. After you are done, just reach down to the base of your scrotum, and lift your scrotum and penis upwards. The last little bit shoots out, and your pants remain dry.

I actually read this in a Men's Health or some other men's magazine. So I guess they are ocassionally good for something.


Man, my first post to the message boards, and this is the thread I reply to?