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My Latest Test Results


Just had a load of tests done in the UK.

Could someone take a look, and tell me what you think?


Total Testosterone 23.7 nmol/L. Normal/high. Acceptable parameters (8.4 â?? 28.7 nmol/L)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 90 nmol/L. High (reference range 17-66)

Luteinising Hormone 4.2 iu/L. Normal (reference range 1.0-10.0)

Follicle Stimulating Hormone 3.5 iu/L. Normal (reference range (1.0-10.0)

Free Androgen Index is low at 26.3 (normal is greater than 34)

Free testosterone normal at 0.25 nmol/L, (reference range 0.21-0.70)

Bioavailable testosterone 5.85 nmol/L Normal (reference range 3.5 â?? 12.0)

Oestradiol 136 pmol/L Normal (reference range 0-150)

Prolactin 120 mu/L Normal (reference range 0-375)

Notes from the lab:

Youâ??ll note that SHBG is very elevated. Approximately half of the total testosterone is bound to this protein; most of the remainder is bound to albumin.

This explains why despite a high total T, your Free T is on the low side and FAI is below the desirable range of greater than 34

It is certainly worth discussing these results with you GP as elevated SHBG can be a symptom of other causes, most commonly liver problems, high oestrogen (which your isnâ??t) or excessive amounts of thyroid hormone in the blood stream.

I’ve also had thyroids done, and will post them later on. Btw, my cholesterol is way off, despite being active (when not suffering from bouts of fatigue), and eating clean (paleo diet).

Would appreciate some advice. Thanks.