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My latest picture


I wanted to show everyone my progress. I have really added on some quality LBM and lost nearly all fat in the last few weeks. The photo is not doctored. I just turned 16 and my wrists are like 14. Thank you body for life.


Loods good Ike. What Supps do you use?? What's your training routine?? Man you must eat a lot of protein. :slightly_smiling:


i heard he eats stem cells from dead Fetuses like christopher reeves.lol


nice traps


that dudes ab (yes one of them) is like bigger than my bicep.


Wow!! I guess the Stenandiol really worked for Markus.....truly another German secret...anyone know where I could pick up a kit or two?

like ike: Nice photoshop work though, especially on the legs, thats some funny stuff.


That really makes his winkie look small.


Yeah nice work on legs, never knew those muscles had so many different peaks & cuts in them.

And while you were at the work, why didnt you give your package a once over?


Do you ever crush your balls when you walk? :wink:


Yeah, but what's your MAX BENCH???


Yeah, but do you deadlift?


This cannot be a real person...


he is real, and you should see the real ike, .....even bigger


i wonder if his penis is crushed?


of course it's a real person...and I also have some real estate down in Florida available for a nice price....
One question, LikeIke...where did you ever get a naked picture of Hillary Clinton like that to use on Photoshop?


Wow! That guy knows how to use synthol now doesn't he! Funny fucking pic.


Your lats are lagging.


Crazy this is.. this is probably exactly where pro bb is headed. Good work though.


Thank you for the compliments.

As for my workouts I no longer work out in gyms because I always break the machines, bend the bars and crush the benches into smithereens. The dumbbells were no longer big enough and there were just not enough weights in general to challenge me. Now a days I usually deadlift parking lots. That is I pick a good row with a lot of SUV and just start out picking up one SUV after the other.

I quickly jump to the next row and get on my stomach (with some help of course) and slide under the next row of cars and do pushups with the front axle resting on my back. I know it is hard to picture but my workout buddies help me out. They have both put on close to 50 lbs. LBM by just spotting me. Most people take off running when they see us coming. Some neighborhood folk know us already and come to watch us lift. They throw us protein bars to thank us.


As for my winkie it just got in the way so I had it removed. The small budge is my urine drain. My nuts have been protected and a tiny refrigerator has been added that ups my Testosterone production. Sex just got to dangerous. I cracked 2 chicks’ pelvises and crushed a few rib cages. One time when I was getting my knob polished one of my lower abs cramped up and knocked the chick out cold. I could go own but I don't want to further incriminate myself.