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My Last Year's Strongman Comp.



This is me in last years' strongman comp. I took 1st place in middleweight div. I just cut pieces out of a dvd that was made, but the beginning of the last event wasn't recorded. There was a cinder block carry, then a 100lbs(I think) drum carry before the one handed axel lift.




Nicely done sir


If anyone has any advice or critique on my conan wheel performance i would appreciate it. I didn't to very well in it, and im still not. I should have worked on it more. More front squats!!! But i hate them.


Had to give accurate advice since the camera was stationary and you moved around of course but there seems to be two things I observed which seems to vary and be inconsistent. One was body position/uprightness, the other is step length. That is, at time you seems to be leaning your upper body backwards and at other times you seemed more upright. Again though that could be camera illusion. Also there seemed to be a discrepancy in your step length. At times the steps were short, other times they were long. Some were slow others were fast.


Appreciate the critique saps. I have to find a good pace and keep leading with my hips.


Very cool! Good work man


Nice, hope you get to see you on ESPN or IFSA World's Strongest man one day! Your a Pudzianowski in the making.