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My Last Birthday As a Fattie

OK guys. Today’s my 17th birthday, despite whatever I may have written in my profile.

I just weighed myself - and I weight 144.1 kg’s (~320 lbs).
I’ll weight myself again in the morning.

I realised one thing about myself the last month or so. MODERATION DOESN"T BLOODY WORK - 1 small cookie easily turns to be a 2 liter sweetened orange juice bottle.

What I ate today (my “Happy” birthday)

10:35 1/2 liter of milk + 4 slices bread + cream cheese.

13:20 2 lamb ribs + pomegrate sauce, pasta.

16:20 pasta + chilli sauce + orange juice (4 glasses)

19:35 yogurt + honey + cookies (a bunch!).

22:00 ckae + syrup + orange juice.

I revised my menu - and starting tommorow I’ll eat every day the same meal - as follows .

Breakfast : 3 eggs omlette + 1/2 vegetables in the omlette(pepper/onion/tomato). green veggies + 125-250 grams cottage chese (3%-5% fat).

Mid-day snack - 2 sandwhiches (4 slices) of whole-wheat bread + tuna (or meatballs).

Lunch - vegetable salad + some type of meat or some type of fish (either cow or chicken or turkey or some fish).

Snack #2 - veggie salad + low-fat cheese.

Dinner : cottage cheese + raw oatmeal\raw wheat.

My training schedule is as follows :
each day 45 low intensity cardio.
3/a week (monday, thursday 1 hour each, friday 1.5 hours) karate.
2/a week whole body workout (I have no gym atm so I do pushups, assisted pullups, attempting handstand pushups, squats, lunges, supermans…).


will be watching this log and good luck. its hard work and remember only people that eat after night turn into gremlins …and happy b day. remember your body can do more than ur mind tells u . believe it …and do it for two weeks and then u got this. buy tupperware and just do it

"no try…only do "—master Yoda

oh yeah also take b4 pics without shirt …so u have a starting place …i know i know but we all have to do it
and then

Eat big and lift hard

good luck dude!

Thanks for all the motivation!
Cardio today and yesterday was awesome.
Today I ate as follows :
05:50 2 eggs omlette + chilli pepper + cottage cheese.
09:35 3 whole wheat tuna sandwhiches.
13:35 shawarma + veggie salad (shawarma was with some oil, but no bread or sauces or anything).
18:35 chicken leg + veggie soup.
22:00 yogurt + cottage cheese

Way to go man this is the same story for me on my 16th birthday i was 250 and i decided to get my fat arse in shape.

Just noticed if you dont mind me giveing you some advise 3 sandwiches is seems like alot of carbs i know i went a long time eating alot of sandwiches because i thought they were the healthiest thing out there but i then found out that the real problem for me was eating to many carbs.

I see what you’re saying… I’ll drop them to 2 sandwhices and add salads.
today I had :
08:55 1 apple
09:15 1 tuna sandwhich.
09:55 1 apple 1 sandwhcih
12:35 1 sandwhich.
15:35 salmon + rice + veggie saald.
20:35 shishlik + salad + vinegar.

The day was realyl awesome today - I had an awesome fish, and I really had many many vegetables/

OK guys, interesting day today. I feel kinda full without really eating much. I took some vinegar in the morning (supposedly good for insulin sensitivity, but also because it tastes really good ^^).

My food journal is :

06:35 1 soup-spoon of vinegar (I think wine vinegar, but not 100% sure). 2 eggs omelet.
10:35 2 sandwiches with tuna (went from 3 -> 2).
1a4:35 vegetable salad + bulgarian cheese.
18:35 rice + 2 shishliks + vegetable soup. 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 red pepper.
21:00 1 red pepper.

I made myself a small ritual of stopping to eat at evening, and celebrating it with brushing my teeth and flossing them for 5 minutes. Any of the flossers(new words??) around have any clue how to floss the teeths in the back of yours mouth (No idea for the name…)

Good for you man! I wish I would have taken my health more seriously when I was 17. Just be careful to not cut out to many calories out too quickly. You are a big guy and will see the results but you still need calories to make it through the day. Do you know what your calorie intake was compared to what you are taking in now? You should only be looking to cut about 500 calories or so per day.

Also, think about the workouts you are doing. Using the routine you use now, you can use shorter rest periods between movements to increase the intensity and stimulate your body.

Keep up the good work. I will be checking in on you.

Excellent day today - I got my first 100 in a course (Complex analysis!). I’m having my practical driving test the week after the next week , all around life’s cool.

As for my eating today :
09:00 1 onion 2 eggs omlette,1 cut tomato, cucumber, red pepper + cottage cheese (250 g 3% fat)+ vinegar (I don’t know if it’s insulin sensitivity related, but it really reduces appetite!)
11:05 2 whole-wheat sandwhices + tuna.
15:30 vegetable salad + bulgarian cheese + olive oil (1 table-spoon full).
19:30 chicken thigh+ rice + Pomegranate sauce (2 tea spoon)

Tomorrow morning weigh-in. I hope to have lose about 2 kilograms this week.

142.7 KG’s that’s 1.4 KILO less than last week! I’m happy as shit… (though I want more quick!!!).

Food journal was exactly like yesterday only that 19:30 was done in 20:15 and consisted of 3 shishliks + 1 hamburger + veggies.

The people I have the most respect for in the gym are not those that are thick with muscle and look good. I most admire those folks who obviously have a long, tough road ahead but have said, ‘fuck it, this is my goal and I’m going to achieve it no matter what’.
I met a guy in the gym yesterday who lost 80 pounds. Awesome.

My only advice would be to remember that you need persistence (don’t ever give up) and patience (it will be a long series of small victories that will take time). Fat loss is about diet and exercise, you need to do both.

Check out some of the great articles on complexes to see how the proper type of weight training can make a big difference. I know you don`t have a gym but, I mean this diplomatically, your body weight should give you all the resistance you need.

You don’t need to lift big weights just to build muscle. You want your metabolism cranked up.

Oh, and if you quit, we will find you and kick your fat ass :slight_smile:

Hi giterdone - thanks a bunch for the compliments and motivation.

The FJ for today is :
09:30 Shakshuka (Omelet with tomato, onion,garlic,pepper…) from 2 eggs (1/4 of 8 eggs shakshuka)+ cottage cheese (250 g 3% fat).
12:00 2 whole-wheat sandwhiches + shakshuka.
29 grapes (I counted them lol…).
15:05 11 grapes, rice + chicken thigh.
19:30 4 grapes, cottage cheese + yogurt, 1 pear.

You really should be trying to eat most, if not all of your carbs in the morning. I see that sometimes your eating rice, yogurt, fruit, and other carb-heavy things pretty late at night. I, as a FFB, have to avoid carbs completely. I dont know whether or not you read anything Chris Shugart writes (I would reccomend you do), but having carbs at night is never a good idea. In the simples terms, your body uses carbs most readily as energy, at night when your winding down is when you need the least amount fo energy. Stick to healthy fats and protein later in the day and have the carbs earlier/throughout the day.

O and good luck, it is long and hard, but it is more than worth it in the end. Kick some ass.

To eric530tdt : I realise i’m having a big carb meal at night, however so far it’s worked not too bad for me, when I plateau I intend to change it, but so far I think I’m good. according to some of the guys around, it’s best to leave somethings to be able to change for when I do stop losing.

Ah bloody darn it. I’m sick as hell today, and of course that not enough to make me miss O.D.E… So I went to uni today, despite being sick as hell, and drank about 1/2 a gallon (no kidding… 5 glasses) of tea today, and I hope I’m better tomorrow. I didn’t do cardio today, so I’m going to double up when I get better.

Food journal :
07:20 Cold cereal + yogurt. I realise it’s a sub-optimal meal, however I was really strapped for time (15 minutes to shower, dress,make food, eat and get to bus).
1 glass tea, 1 spoon vinegar.

11:30 2 whole-wheat tuna sandwiches.
15:30 vegetable salad + Bulgarian cheese.
18:55 Full (no idea english name… some kind of a bean)+ chicken breast, veggies.

I’m nearly over my sickness, no cardio today, but tomorrow I’m starting again. Of course again not enough to make me miss ODE or Fourier…

Food journal for today is :
06:45 omelet + tomato + onion, 1 cottage cheese (250g 3% fat).
10:35 2 whole-wheat tuna sandwiches.
13:30 cottage cheese (250g 3% fat).
16:00 vegetable salad + Bulgarian cheese (5%).
17:30 rice + chicken breast.
19:10 beef stew + chicken soup.

Ok, good day today - no major breaks, did some cardio, starting to feel better. forgot vinegar on morning.

09:30 omlette + tomato.
12:35 cottage cheese + bread.
16:30 rice + chicken.
20:30 yogurt + cottage

I only had my omlete today so far, so in evening i’ll write rest of journal.

your dropping weight fast and thats a goodt hing
however dont do it too fast.I was around 300 pounds also so I know your pain.

honestly you should eat more.
I know it sounds weird eat more to loose weight but allow me to explain.

if you undereat for a while your metabolism slows and you store what you do eat,your body thinks your starving.
you will drop weight for a while but then you will have to go lower and lower in cals to keep loosing weight.
then when you add them back you gain again.
if you add in more calories slowly SLOWLY you will speed up your metabloism because your body wants to use the food for fuel instead of store becuase your not starving.

things to stay away from are starches,potatoes,white bread,beans

things to eat
anything that runs,flys,crawls,or swims

anything green,the darker the better.
carb sources should come from whole grains in the am and vegies.
nuts are great but they have alot of calories in them so be careful
get fish oil this is very important
fish oil with every meal you will not regret it

milk is great drink up as much as you want
I drink a gallon a day.
cottage cheese is a good choice and try this

dont worry too much about measuring or anything just eat often ( every few hours) and lift alot and lift often
everything else i promise you will fall into place.

I know you want this stuff gone now but trust me take your time.
do it too fast you will feel like crap
do it slow you will feel great.

keep at it I am watching like the rest.
youll do great

EDIT: WATER drink enough water to make you pee all the time
water is important drink drink drink
be the water.

Thanks for the input.

Yesterday I had a small cheat - frozen yogurt. Today I ate :
10:30 omlete + cottage + veggies.
12:00 apple + peach +
16:00 (PW meal). 3 slices bread + milk.
20:30 cottage chees + yogurt + raw oats.

I had a kick ass workout, I had endorphin high for about two hours after it.