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My Labs When I Decided To Start TRT

Symptoms: weak erections, premature ejaculations, low libido, depression, and fatigue.

What do people think of these labs? Given the lab work, what dosing schedule (eod vs. e3.5d, etcc) do people think will be most beneficial. Pre TRT Labs

The Total T combined with the high SHBG I can hardly see Free T being considered good and your Free T is 8.51 ng/dL =1.6 % 2-3% being normal. I’ve seen guys higher than this be prescribed TRT and feel better once TRT is initiated.

I can recommend a protocol, but whether it’s ideal for you is something you will have to discover for yourself. I don’t have any idea about your T/E2 ratios or how much you are aromatising, with that said a twice weekly protocol isn’t a bad place to start.

How old are you? Height, weight, waist measurement?

Sounds like someone who is over training…

30 y.o male, been struggling with low t symptoms for 5+ years. 6’2" and around 195 pounds. Definitely not over training…

Given my high shbg, would more frequent or less frequent injections be ideal?

I started TRT with very similar labs like you and Im doing fine with every day injections of test and HCG

This is very hard to say but as your shbg is not extremely high I would suggest more frequent

Those labs don’t really make sense… I would have thought free T would have been lower with that SHBG/total T

I makes sense I had almost the same

If I am you, I’m starting with 150mg once a week and going from there.

Thanks everyone.

So I have been on and off TRT for around 5+ years, hoping I could always figure out a way to naturally get my body to produce enough. For whatever reason, I am unable to and t replacement brings back my libido, erections and I just feel better.

The issue is as follows. Currently when I inject 2x per week for a total of 100mg a week, I do not seem to reap the benefits of TRT. When I inject 2x per week at 120mg, I do get the full benefit, however, I begin to develop acne and skin related side effects (which I believe are estrogen related).

As such, I am trying to share labs to determine a dosing schedule that can eliminate my symptoms and reduce side effects. Currently I am trying to split 100mg into eod and go from there. I am trying to avoid an AI at 120mg but it may be what is required.

I am looking forward to more input and sharing more information if needed. As for the comments about my labs not making sense, well those are my lab results…

Well for me the larger the injection, the higher the estrogen. If you can inject with more frequency and smaller doses, you might be able to get away with less testosterone and still get good levels and this should lower estrogen.

The same thing goes for DHT, the smaller the injection, the less I convert to DHT. I had acne on twice weekly injections, but not on EOD. If you really want to lower estrogen, inject 14-16mg daily.

I think we have established that you cant assume its Estrogen. 100mg is not enough but 120ish is for you. The acne is part of the fluctuation in hormones. Im gonna say that you should ride it out or aim higher at 130mg a week EOD. You may still experience some acne at first but once you get past that point, you should stabilize. Seems like youre teasing yourself with just enough to give you some good and some bad. Dont take an AI or HCG. HCG can be added later at low doses. But take your Test only.

middleages, I think you summed it up pretty well. 100mg is just teasing, where I see benefit but not enough. I’ll increase this to around 120mg a week and increase the injection frequency, hoping this eliminates the skin related side effects I am having. Thanks everyone for the input and I will have updates to follow.

Looks to me you should inject every day then. The side effects in most people are related to hormone swings. I have experienced that when I injected HCG 2 times a week and EOD and it didnt feel good at all.
I started TRT with your levels and I have been doing only every day injections which works great for me. I wouldnt try any less frequent protocol.

Vonko thank you for your input. I will make my next step to try the ED injections in the near future. I like what you are saying about the hormonal swings being the issue. Some of the skin related symptoms I was getting had been described as often being caused by hormonal fluctuations and changes upon my research. I still have some acne scars from a breakout when I was originally trying to get dialed in. These kinda popped up out of nowhere and was the start of me noticing skin related changes.

I am working with an HRT clinic that is not the greatest, but at the same time I am happy to be able to legally obtain a drug that benefits my life and do so at a decent price. The clinic has a been pretty open to experimenting with dosage changes with me. They don’t recommend subq dosing. So I just experiment with subq dosing on my own because it has worked for me in the past.

I’ll continue with updates and reading people comments while I journey to getting back dialed in.

As a side note I can share one more thing.

Recently before I started TRT I tried injecting 80mg enanthate at once. It was pharmaceutical not some ugl shit.
And I got terrible anxiety and even panic attacks from that dose.
And I know some people will say it is a placebo, but it is not and I know my body. Later when I started TRT with 20mg injections I didnt have such issues

Yeah, I have never considered trying to do below twice per week previously, but this is sounding promising. Why did you decide to change to once a day injections? With such Frequent injections, it seems you would sometimes forget to do one. Do you notice symptoms when you miss one injection?

I’ve read enough before starting TRT and I understood that with anything less than every day injections you will have some hormonal swings and likely to have more side effects. And provided how sensitive I am to foreign compounds in my body I prefer for everything I take the principle “LESS AND MORE FREQUENT”.
I do not miss injections I know it is important for my well being and it has become just a part of my routine. Once you get used to it injecting becomes extremely quick and easy