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My Labs are All Over the Place


My lab history is posted below. I began t-replancement in January 2009 and have had labs run every few months. Unfortunately, my doc is lazy and doesnt order the same tests every time. Im on 250 mg TestC, approximately every week and about 1gr Adex split over a week. The February lab was performed about 11 days after my last shot, but it still seems incredibly low. I think T-replacement has helped me hold on to some size and muscularity at 50 years old and I dont have any real mood or energy swings, but this lab history seems really strange.

I would appreciate someone more intelligent than my doc to give me some advice.


Begin Jan 09	Mar-09	Apr-09	Aug-09	Feb-10	Aug-10	Feb-11	Range

T-Serum 201 639 534 791 1051 743 281 280-800
T-Free 5.8 18.4 NA 32.3 26.8 19.3 NA 6.8-21.5
LH NA 0.1 0 0.1 NA 0.1 0.1
FSH NA 0.3 0.3 0.3 NA 0.2 0.2
Estradiol NA NA 42 15 NA 25.6 8.6 7.6-42.6


Sorry the table didnt work out too great. Read the columns from left to right. Thanks


Why is money been wasted on LH/FSH to get the expected near zero's?

Levels change a lot with weekly injections. Variations in lab timing make big changes in lab results.

Have you read the stickies? Advice is there. Inject twice a week or EOD, levels will be steady and labs will have more meaning, and you should feel better.


With the long half life of Test-C, I guess I was surprised with the variation. I got a serum test reading of over 1000 about 3 days after an injection and a reading of 280 ten days after an injection. I dont feel moody toward at the end of an injection period. What other issues could this fluctuating test levels cause?


That is exactly what you should expect with weekly injections. Right now, your lab results are an artifact of lab timing and thus useless. Read the protocol for injections sticky. Please do not post questions there, come back here for that.


You need to get with a good HRT dr that knows what they are doing
1) there is no thyroid panel (ft4, ft3, tsh, tpo, tgab, ferritin, total t4)
2) no vitamin d levels
3) no lipid panel
4) no CBC
5) no CMP
6) no insulin testing
7) no adrenal testing

We would never treat based on this little information. The dr is just asking for major issues down the road and is totally missing the boat. If you use proper HRT adex can be reduced or even discontinued as many of our patients have once properly tuned up.