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My Labs 2 Years on TRT

Maybe this helps

Nice, thanks for that

Anyone ever get a lump (hard ball) on the shaft (under skin)?
And feels like a hard string that goes up from it.

I do plan on going to see a urologist. But I want to ask the trt crew.

@mnben87 @NH_Watts @highpull and anyone willing to comment.

Interesting stuff here.
So I reduced my dosage down to close to 115mg a week from 130-140mg.

My total t is 860 (not on report but I got over phone)
Free t 21.3
Estradiol never been as high as 45.

Also free t3 on armour came back at 3.4

See labs. I do feel fine.

Within the past month:

I stopped metformin
Starting 1/2 grain of armour (30mg)
Had covid 5 weeks ago. Fully recovered.

Would this matter? Surprised total t and estradiol higher than b4.


Are you feeling well? Did TT or FT also go up?

Tt went up ft about the same.
Maybe the metformin lowers total t .

From July 2020 on 140

This was on about 120-130 in Nov


Has SHBG changed much? I don’t know in regards to metformin.

Is your test compounded? Compounded stuff can vary significantly batch to batch. Is this and the previous test on different vials?

I take on trough. Pharmacy perrigo brand all the time.

It’s amazing what 115mg -120 takes your numbers.

It would be something else if covid messes stuff up.

I do remember reading something about metformin lowering testosterone maybe even with exogenous @readalot @unreal24278 maybe you know of this? Maybe something with conversion to estradiol too.

Elevated insulin will increase testosterone, so it follows that reducing insulin could, or would, reduce testosterone.

My fasting insulin on met was 13. Without it’s 15. My understanding is that fasting insulin should be under 10.

Am not overweight. And my glucose and a1c is perfect.

Take anything for Covid? Change injection method?

My tsh went down nicely to 1.1. on only 30mg armour.
Free t4 .8 using dialysis method. I think dr ordered the wrong test. Took over a week to get.

And free t3 - 3.4 ( not on image)

.85 on free t4 is on the low end. Is this of concern considering the other numbers,

See image

Not it you are feeling well.

There was a thread a few months ago about coagulation issues and how the hematologist. Found a clotting disorder.

So I went to a hematologist proactively.

He checked many specialized labs and I have no clotting disorder.

However as always my Iron binding capacity was a bit high. This always ran a bit high.

My ferritin is 83 (33-380). He suggested I take an iron pill.

On a different point he suggest a daily aspirin even though I have no clotting disorder.

@highpull or anyone else have any opinion on the iron supplement and daily aspirin. I am 44 years old.

Opinion varies regarding aspirin therapy. Looking at your recent CBC, I doubt you need iron.

@systemlord or anyone

I remember there was a resource that gives you the symptoms of high and low estrogen and the symptoms that exist in both high and low. And the ones that are unique.

Do you have a link?

Anyway burning eyes is which?


I’d guess burning = dry = low e2

When talking about estrogen levels I never try to guess, I always comfirm with labs because these forums are littered with guys guessing wrong and paying the price.

Should have added my other symptoms.

Can’t stay hard, even Viagra is hit and miss.

And I think excessively emotional when watching vids.