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My Labs 2 Years on TRT

No, not the mechanism behind a 10mg dose increase causing it anyway. Blood pressure can drop in men as lipids improve, as visceral fat disappears, etc., however this is more likely seen in older men understandably and not dramatically overnight.

Are you on BP medicine?

Yeah . A beta blocker and ARB.
I woke up and it was fine. Wierd yesterday.i have a feeling it was the melatonin I took all night.

It’s possible as you get healthier you won’t need your BP meds.

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True. It depends on my cardiomyopathy.

Last echo did show me ejection fraction going to normal.

I take candesartan 4mg lowest dose . Actually has many benefits. I think I want to keep taking for life. Of course without hypotension. The cialis is something that lower pressure a bit to but an spoiled with that drug.
And the metoprolol I take is low dose to at 50mg.

I injected another 70 today. So I think I will be trying 140 a week for the first time. I was as 90 mg a week. 120 felt the best. Let’s see if I feel better at 140.

Ok boys. I went from about 112mg a week divided in 2. To 140 a week divided in 2.
I felt good before change but feel even better on 140. Makes me want to go higher… We see.
I take daily cialis, multi vitamin, extra d, quercetin and resvetrol 2x a week,
I take a BB and an ARB , and allopurinol. Also 1k metformin daily.
Triglycerides always sightly elevated along with prolactin.
@NH_Watts @highpull
Thanks for taking a look all of you. Ferritin ok?
Also free t calc put me at about 2.3 percent free t.

Labs look good.

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@highpull if you like at the first post you can see labs on 115mg. Testosterone basically the same as 140 mg. Feeling wise maybe a bit better on 140.

Would I go Back to 115?

I’d stay with that.

@highpull and others wishing to comment

I just took labs. Still waiting for full report.

My thyroid seems to be a little hypo.

I don’t feel any of the hypothyroidism symptoms I believe. Would you treat this in your opinion? And either way would you use armour or just t4?

My dad is hypo and has been using synthroid for many years.

Btw my prolactin has been slightly elevated since I started TRT You can look above at my other two labs if you wish.



I’d want to see fT3, but I use T3/T4 combinations compounded.

I’ll get free t3 back within a couple days.

Yeah the best I could do withmy doctor is get armour thyroid they definitely would not consider the compounded one. I’m glad at least she considers armour thyroid.

Btw @highpull I really appreciate you getting back to me and it’s really nice of you to take the time out of your day.

I’ll tag you when I post the rest of my results.


Ok. So here are my thyroid numbers @highpull

Tsh 3.3
Free t3 2.9 (2-4.4)
Free t4 .98 (.82-1.77)

I read hypothyroidism can cause slightly elevated prolactin which I have. Any thoughts?

Seeing the free t3 now, should my thyroid be treated.

Here my other numbers:

While I’ve given thyroid to many with numbers like yours, even some with significantly better, I probably would not in your case. That’s not in stone though, if you wanted to try it, I would go along.

Ok. I do want a way to bring prolactin down . Is there a reason to bring it down if prolactin is slightly above.

I would not worry about it since you are not only asymptomatic, but feeling really good. Also, it is not very high. I have ordered MRI, and found, microadenoma, in guys with very slightly elevated levels. But, other hormones were so trashed I was suspicious of pituitary failure and running down a cause. Maybe try B6?

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P5P seemed to work for me. I can’t say for sure it was that, but after taking P5P for a few months I got the only “normal” prolactin test I’ve ever had. It had always been anywhere from barely over range to around 2x high normal previously.

So other than the numbers did it have any benefits?


Hey @dextermorgan giving my son ashwagandha for anxiety and better focus in this case would you give in the morning or the evening ? He does not need it for sleep.

I saw previous post that you made about it so I figured I’d ask you. Thank you.
By the way it’s the youth theory brand which has KSM 66 extract.

Being he’s only 15 I’d rather give him just 300 mg extract which is one capsule . It also has 200mg of the root powder. So total 500.

Just updating my thread.
I’m a little fed up with my belly bloat I think it’s a mixture of water retention and gastro issues.

So I’m going to remove metformin which I can easily do cuz I’m not taking it for diabetes. Then I will reassess in about a week or two. I already cut out my multivitamin.
and then if that doesn’t help the issue I’m going to lower my dose from 130 mg a week maybe down to like 100 or 110.