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My Lab Results

Hi everyone !

I just received my lab results.
I was suspecting low test since I always struggled to build muscle (even with a good diet) and recently I have been very easily irritated.
I have lots of symptoms of low T, like a low libido. I’m 34 years old.

I take finasteride, which must obviously impact those results a lot.

What do you guys think of these numbers ?

Shbg 50,73 nmol/L (14,5 - 48,4)
Free Testosterone : 9,01 pg/mL (8,8 - 27), 31,20 pmol/L (31 - 94)
Testosterone : 6,06 ng/mL (2,49 - 8,36), 21,10 nmol/L (8,64 - 29,00)
Dhea : 2083 ng/mL (1600 - 4490), 5675 nmol/L (4340 - 12200)
Triglyceride 0,42 g/l (0,5 - 1,6)
Cortisol (8am in the morning) 217 ng/ml (80 - 225)
Prolactin 29,57 ng/ml (4,8 - 23,3)
FSH : 15,65 mUI/ml (1,5 - 12,4)
LH : 12,56 mUI/ml (1,7 - 8,6)
Oestradiol : 17,5 pg/ml ( < 60)
Vitamin D Total (D2 + D3) : 99 (24 - 80)

Thanks a lot !


Possible liver issues. High SBGH
Too much vitamin D
High prolactin
primary hypogonadism

Possible liver issues ?? Shit !

I agree.

SHBG is made in the liver in response to estrogen levels. As your E2 is low, something is wrong. Your labs included AST/ALT. Those can indicate liver issues. I have never seen this combination before.

Any unexplained weight loss or rashes?
Are you exposed to toxins in your work place or other activities?

Nothing here:
There have been no published reports of clinically apparent liver injury due to finasteride therapy.

Why are you taking finasteride? That can trash hormones for some men. When did you start finasteride? When did your hormone issued start?

Read the advice for new guys sticky and come back with more data!
Also good info in protocol for injections.

Thanks guys.

My endo is looking into a testiculary defficiency first, so he prescribed me to have testicular echography.

Here are my liver values :
ASAT : 22 (< 46)
ALAT : 32 (< 66)

Does it mean my liver’s fine ?

I take finasteride because I’m losing my hair since 2 years, and finasteride works really good. I know though that it messes a lot the endocrine system. I had a choice to make …

As weight loss I didn’t have much, but I have changed my diet since 6 months. I’m low carbing (paleo type diet).
I don’t lose weight as I eat lots of meat and fat stuff (good fat).
Though I’m definately more lean

My endo wants me to have a MRI of the pituitary gland.
Is it useful in my case ?

Agree, your testes are not working right.
Prolactin justifies MRI to see if there is a prolactin secreting adinoma. That can be treated with 0.5mg Dostinex/cabergoline per week. Need to know if the adinoma is getting dangerous in terms of size. Optic nerves pass near by. Any reduction in width of peripheral vision? Should be near 180 degrees.

Liver appears OK. SHBG is still strange. If an endo gets involved, point out the issue that I raised earlier.

Thanks !

I thought my high LH would indicate that the pituitary gland was working fine …

No problem with my vision

Hi prolactin can be from a tumor on the pituitary. The pituitary does many things and you can’t “thought my high LH would indicate that the pituitary gland was working fine”.

I just did the pituitary gland MRI … My pituitary gland seems to be normal.
So, pituitary done, testical echography done. Now waiting for the semen analysis.

If everything’s OK then what else do you think can explain the high prolactin ?
Maybe finasteride since a few users reported high prolactin on propecialhelp. though it’s not very common …

Thanks a lot

In any case, it can still be reduced with cabergoline. There could be a problem that is too small for a MRI to detect.

Thanks. I’ll talk to that with the doctor who prescribed me the MRI.
My endo is not worried about the prolactin levels at all, so I doubt he’ll prescribe me that.

My endo choose to put me on test enanthate (the only one available in France), 250 mg once every 3 weeks !!

If I refer to the stickies, this frequency of injections is really awful … but can I still expect something positive from this dosage/frequency ?