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My Knees Pop & Crack

Hopefully this sounds much worse than it is but anytime I do the first rep on my squat my knees make a very loud, audible pop sound. It sounds exactly like cracking knuckles only a bit louder. It doesn’t hurt at all, nor do I feel any pain that I wouldn’t consider normal soreness after I workout.

The thing is my knees have always done this, I’m only 23, I used to weigh about 300+, since working out I’ve dropped to 221 in the past year. Ever since I remember they have made this sound. In fact when I do a squat with no weight they still pop. I’ve been working on my form and that has helped a little but no matter what on that first rep they make this sound.

Is thought this was something that would go away as I lost weight. How worried should I be about this? Like I said it doesn’t hurt at all.

Well, I’m no expert, but try to keep you upper legs tense all the time, not relaxing them when you’re down or anything like that. It also happens to me, especially if I go very deep, but keeping my quads tense seems to help.

I’m glad you asked this question. The same thing happens with me. However it happens on every rep not just the first.

I think my form is good, and I do try to stay tight. It doesn’t hurt so I haven’t been to concerned. But I am curious if any of the experienced guys have any thoughts.