My Knees Hurt After Lunges

Sometimes after I do lunges or squats my knees hurt and feel weak. Does this happen to everyone or is itmy joints? I hope it’s not my joints because I am only 14 and I started working out last week.

For example. Yesterday I did lunges. Today my left knee feels weird. It doesnt quite hurt, but it feels weak compared to my right leg. And when i run it hurts a little bit. I dont think I injured myself beacuse I can still walk fine. There isnt really much pain. But it just seems a little different than it used to be.

Does this happen to everybody? Could it be I am using bad form on lunges? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.


I’ve had knee pain after lunges when I let my knee go past my toe.

Make sure not to step out to far…

If you just started working out, you might just need to get used to the exercises some… although joint pain right off the bat does not sound right. As other have suggested, do not let your knees go past your toes if you do regular lunges.

As an alternative (and a fave of mine) instead of stepping forward into a lunge, actually step back. I find it is a ton more comfortable on your knees that way with a lot less stress.

It’s hard to say overall what the problem is without actually seeing your form.

On a separate note, it sound pretty odd to have a kind of weakness in your knee joint itself (unless you have some kind of problems that are undiagnosed).