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My Knee Points Outside


OK-I`m going through the Neanderthal articles.
Tell me this- My R knee points to the outside
my L is straight....



Is it when you are standing? Does your foot toe out as well?


I`m in my office right now.
Cant check it out right now.
Will post it tomorrow.

I dont know about the toe.
I attempted a self analysis based on Neanderthal articles.
Thats when I noticed the knee thing.


Sorry for the late reply.
But I think I`ve found the cause of my leg problems.

I studied my lower body properly yesterday.
The problem seems to be with leg length.
My R leg seems to be tad longer than my L.
So u see-my L leg is straight and my R leg is on a slight angle to accomodate its greater length.
Because of which it points to the outside.

When I walk on my back heels or on my toes I limp. To get a sensation of what I go through wear a shoe on your R leg and nothing on your L. Then walk, squat and dead. You`ll find that on sqts and deads ur hips and lower back rotates on ur left.

Thats what I used to go through when I used to lift.


Its when I`m standing as well as walking.
And my entire foot seems to point out.