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My Knee Pain

I just have a question for all you, for the past couple monts my knee has been buggin me a little bit. Today it feels worse and its not so much when I’m doing anything it hurts…but when I sit down and flex my legs and knee…it’s hard to explaine…there’s a pain on the left side of my left knee. So the pain is on the outer knee, anyone ever had this?

It feels like it’s the insides of the knee, like the tendons or joints or something. It’s right on the side of my knee…it’s pretty fucking annoying too, so if anyone could give me some info on where to get a checkup at on my knee…maybe a chiropractor, or someone to do an x-ray maybe or something. That’d be great. Thanks a lot guys.

Find a good orthopedic/sports medicine doctor in your area. They will be able to x-ray and MRI your knee if needed. Be prepared to take some time off because its likely they will recommend it depending on the injury. Hopefully its nothing major, good luck.

I’ve had exactly the same pain.I’m 56 years old. It cripple me. I went from squatting 350 lbs to could not do bodyweight.I was always crying to my wife about the pain in my knees and my left shoulder. Over the course of a year I experimented with seneral supplements and revaluating my technique for squating and benching.

After reading many articles on T-Nation and trying them,this what started my recovery to where I can now squat 300 again and bench 225. I use neoprene sleeves on my knees evey time I squat. I never do leg extension anymore. I take Flameout,TriFex Sport from GNC every day and did more front squating. For some reason front squats didn’t cause the pain as much. I also did a lot of kettle bell work for hip drive.