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My Knee is Clicking


i think from shitty form doing atg squats
i dont understand though, it doesnt hurt but when i was walking up the stairs at school today i could hear it clicking
when i fully descended to the ground the other day doing squats i heard a nasty crunching sound in my knee, so obviously something isnt right
im not sure why my form would be bad though
i keep my elbows back, head up, i descend down slowly and i dont lean too much forwards on the squat, and i try to get my hip drive in
im not sure what to do, i cant stop squatting but i cant afford to mess up my knee


You're still in school?

I'd get to a doc.


My knee goes snap, crackle, pop but also with out any pain.

I ask Tony Gentilcore about this in his "training log" thread and essentially got the "don't worry about it" response.

If I have pain with my knees its usually easily solved by foam rolling.

Take a fish oil supplement. This seems to reduce any knee/joint issues for me.


Second on seeing a doc. It's always better to be safe than sorry IMO. I will tell you tho that I've squatted ATG for a long time both back squat and more recently with front squats and I don't have any problems. Have you read Starting strength by mark rippetoe? It helps in learn true correct form for squats and the other bread and butter lifts. Read it if you doubt your form.


Explain exactly what's going on. Apparently there's a

-clicking sound
-crunching sound
-no pain.

The first and third do not suggest real problems. My understanding is that that's just the way fluid is handled inside the joint itself. My knees click when squatting, they click going up stairs, they click when I squat down to pick something up, whatever. There's no pain associated with it. Like boyscout said, it's not a big deal.

A 'crunching sound' is something altogether different, I imagine.



My knees click all the time, they've always clicked, and if there is any genetically-enhanced feature with my particular make and model, it's gotta be my knees -- I can't tell you how many mogul fields I've gone past the point of failure in over the years... or didn't see myself entering in the first place due to flat light conditions while I was doing my best "La Bomba" impersonation for the first run of the day (let's just say I was lucky my knees missed my head). Never had a complaint or pain about them. Never 'crunched' though, either. (I can promise any woman a kid with atomic blast shields for knee caps... and that's about it.)

Crunch = danger.


my knees and sometimes shoulders click quite alot just with general moving around not using weights, they always have lol no pain or anyting, started taking fish oil caps now though so maybe they'll stop

not worried about it though

but yeah crunshing sounds a bit iffy, I'd see a doc