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My Kind of Luck

I’ve always said Fate enjoys fucking with me. I seem to always come out ahead, but not without paying for it in advance.

My latest example would be this:

Fiancee is side-impacted at the mall 2 weeks ago in my daily driver (not hers, gah). No biggie, buddy owns a body shop with a paint booth.

We’re 5 miles from this shop, and I’m rear ended. Hard enough to blast my oakleys off my head, blows the radar detector off the windshield, cd player and even the entire lining of the centre console is blown around. I’m thrown hard enough that when I put my foot back on the brake, I’m standing on it, sliding at the car in front of me which is moving forward. I get out expecting to see the other driver laying in a bloody mess on the wheel… and…

FUCKING NOTHING MAN. My frame is bent into the rear wheel, trunk is bent, bumper is just sheared. Whats a Pontiac got on it? A few scratches and some plastics that look like they need popped back in. Not even an airbag deployed. Way to go Nissan… damn.

So, I work it out with this girl after speaking to her insurer/her parents/even her boyfriend (her parents are rich) that she’ll just follow me to the body shop… with my bumper in her trunk, and write out a check after we get it on the lift.

She gives us $1500, which is conservative considering it would have been totaled with the frame damage we found. The first wreck gave us $3000. So on a $6500 car, I just got $4500 in two weeks time.

I’ll post some before pics when I pull them off the camera… the car was all fucked up. Now I figure since I have a muscle car I’ll rice this one out (hey it requires a full rebuild now anyway).

I’ll post before/after’s shortly.