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My Kid!


I was here on T-Nation this morning reading the forums. My 3 y/o son walks in (wearing PJ's and cowboy boots) and asks for a Pop-Tart! (blame my wife)

I asked him if he wants a shake FIRST (hoping he'll forget about the junk).

Not only does he want one but he beats me out to the kitchen. I get out to the fridge and he's got the flax oil and the 1% milk in his arms.

I stood him up on the counter next to the blender (don't tell my wife!) and had him peel the banana, poor the water, milk, flax oil, scoop the Grow! and toss in the ice.

He turned the blender on and pulled the "tap" to pour out a full 10oz cup!

It's now two hours later and the Pop-Tart hasn't been mentioned again!

Ya know, if "normal" people did this for thier kids, we could begin getting a hold of obesity and we could afford proper health insurance in a decade or two!


That's awesome dude. You know, I've actually thought about drafting a letter to some of the restaurants about their kids menus. I really think part of the problem is that kids don't see healthy choices as "normal." Just look at the kid's menu of any restaurant. Hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese, spaghetti and meat balls or chicken nuggets. Oh, and plenty of french fries for the little bastards! Maybe if some restaurants threw some grilled chicken on there, replaced the cheeseburger buns with whole grain ones and swapped french fries for some veggies, than we wouldn't have a nation of fatasses that are addicted to shitty carbs by the time they're 8!


Absolutely! We went out to Texas Roadhouse last night. The kids menu was just like you said. My son instead ate steak, medium rare, sweet potato and peanuts. It seems like we've been lead to believe that kids WANT fried this and sugar-coated that.

They DON'T! That is unless they've become addicted to it!

Here's a tip; Kids love water bottles like sport bottles for a bike or for working out. My son has a Spiderman bottle. I fill it with spring water (he's told that water is the ONLY thing that will go in it). He drinks from it all morning long. Now what is better, drinking water or Hi-C/Kool-Ade?


here he is


Awesome kid man.It's sad that I see 12 yr old kids focusing on losing weight these days because they've messed up their metabolism consuming all the junk food.I always tell them to focus on good nutrition because they're still growing.It's great to see a father who cares about what his son eats.Most parents just buy whatever junk food they can just to shut the kids up not knowing about the ingredients that are put into this crap. Grat job!


Thanks! It really IS depressing to see. I mean sure he'll eat macaroni & cheese once in a while but that is AFTER he'a eaten real meat or eggs, fruit and veggies and whole milk etc.

I say it's laziness. Either too lazy to prepare or too lazy to read up on why kids are like they are.

My son was playing in a mall play area with 10-15 other kids yesterday. There was this 3 y/o girl, cute as a button. The thing is that the girl had breasts like a young woman. She was ROUND! Round, red face and round body. It was really sad. I feel it is a kind of abuse. One, it's obviously unhealthy. Two, kids can be ruthless to each other. This little girl is going to have to deal with any number of problems in society... too bad.


One thing I do is order off the adult menu for my daughters.. something healthy..

I ask if they do 1/2 servings for children off the adult menu... Most resturants do.

Once, I had one waitress say.. "well didn't you see the kids menu?" I said.. have you? Would you let your children eat THAT kind of unhealthy food?" Needless to say that shut her yap up.

Also, having 2 children works well too... Buy one good healthy adult meal and ask for a 2nd plate. Actually I do that when I am with just one child, because I will not eat a full resturant serving.

My thing is, I ask for a container to take home left overs. I split my meal in half before eating it and put 1/2 away for my meal later on in the day. American serving sizes in resturants are just way to big...


I agree 100%.

I think what you did was great, and it also seems that your son has seen you prepare that meal enough times to know what goes in it.

My daughter is 2 now, and I'd love for her to get excited about a healthy food the way your son did.

So far at least she prefers fruit as a snack over sweets.


It's good to know parents are paying more attention to what their kids eat. I guess, though, that the members of this site are mostly fit and healthy and will tend to pass that along to their kids. I have a daughter who is going to turn 1 in a couple of weeks and has been on table food for a few months. I try to feed her chicken, veggies, and fruits, along with sweet potatoes and other good carbs. No white bread for as long as I can make that last. My goal is to keep her away form McDOnalds as long as possible and ecourage an active lifestyle. I cringe when I see the kids menus at restaurants. ICK!

There happens to be an article in my local paper today entitled "Heavy kids getting grown up diseases". It's pretty sad that we even have to be concerned with this problem nowadays.



With a little thought you can make a crappy meal/snack into a healthy one;

BAD CHOICE---White bread, Skippy peanut butter and "grape" jelly.

BETTER CHOICE--- Whole grain bread, natural peanut butter and real fruit preserves. So it's a little more $$$. Our kids are WORTH IT!

My wife's co-worker makes fruit perserves with blueberries and strawberries every Fall with very little added sugar and no preservatives. Damn good stuff too! My boy LOVES it.

Even spaghetti & meatballs can be good. Grass-fed beef, onions, peppers, spices, whole wheat pasta and a good quality sauce. There! A better alternative!

I bet our kids will be one of the very few that are not insulin resistant by the time they reach junior high.


Here's sumthin' that gets to me...

We are lucky enough to have a GREAT extended family who love to watch our son. The only problem is that when we pick him up after work, they like to tell us "He ate really well" which means he ate a lot but a lot of CRAP!

"Let's see, for breakfast he ate 3 waffles, 4 doughnut holes, a pouch of fruit snacks and some juice"

GREEEAAAAT! I am super grateful for such a great family, though, don't get me wrong. I just wish they'd help me out here!


Here he is eating an apple (sorry if it's boring... I just love him to death!)


HA! Yep, I know that story...it's called grandma's house here. So, I get a call from my mom..."She ate great today...and we had cookies and ice cream for snacks." Thanks Mom!


What self-respecting Massachusettsian wears a freaking cowboy hat? Putting a Sox,Celts or Pats on the damn kid. Or at least have him wear a "Vote for Kerry" button.


I was thinkin that. I thought you guys were from Texas, then saw mass.
Confusing. Screw the redsox though.


If the kid grows up in MA then he should be a Sox fan..just like if a kid has the unfortunate circumstance of growing up in NY then he should be a Yankees or Mets fan..why would you like a team from another region of the country if your local papers don't cover them, etc. Doesn't make any sense unless you are the type of fan who hops around from team to team depending on how well they are doing.


haha I know. I'm a yankees fan, thats why I said screw the sox.


My son will wear whatever f-ing hat he feels like wearing! Got a problem wid dat?

At my house, we like Toby Kieth, red meat and dirtbikes!

"Kerry" is a four-leter-word and who the hell are the Celtics?

Football is the only team sport that gets any airtime here.

And gee, a Red Sox hat? Maybe if every other guy/girl around here didn't have one. They're like tattoos now.

"Look at me, I'm different!" (just like everyone else)

Anyway, don't poke fun o' my kid!


Are you guys for real?
(or whatever a sheep bleeting looks like in print)


A cowboy hat makes you a Dallas Cowboys fan?

Shit, I have white socks on... Maybe I should move to Chicago? Dumbass.

Kerry lost the election... did you miss that one?