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My journey with TRT


I’m doing an X ray of my chest this morning. It was prescribed by my local doctor for my short breath. I had postponed doing it because I was feeling better for a while. Now it’s back and I bet my money it’s caused by high E2. I’ve got severe acne too. I’m going to start taking arimidex again even though it may eliminate the “evidence” needed to convince my endo.

Have been taking sam-e for a week. I hope it doesn’t have estrogenic effects.


I started taking Arimidex again. 10 drops the night before the injections, so 2/3 mg per week.


As I mentioned before my libido is very low even on TRT. Do you know the best, if not the only, aphrodisiac I’ve found? It’s modafinil. I take it only occasionally. As it increases dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, it seems I don’t have enough dopamine produced in my brain. Another possible sign of this is that I’m much less goal oriented compared to the past and have difficulty getting projects done.


Since I started taking arimidex my belly fat has been decreasing and my libido seems to be coming back. However it makes me depressed and apathetic. I’ll decrease the dose and see what I get.


Were you already low body fat when you started TRT? As a factor in you not needing AI


Yeah. Probably 15%. I’m 6’ 200lbs

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I’ve not done the DHT test for my low libido yet. I’m thinking if my DHT is low then what can be done?


I did a new test for the 5 month mark.

The folic acid level seems low to me. I’ve been taking a good methyfolate supplement everyday (100% RDV) and now I’m going to take twice a day. Still waiting for the T related part of the results.


Here is the rest of the results.

I can’t believe my free and total T are so high because I don’t feel very confident. I felt most confident on Clomid so I should see what estrogen receptors it blocks. My E2 has decreased a bit but there is still room for decrease. Why is my prolactin so high?
I stopped taking Arimidex a while ago and my body fat is less than 25% now.

I still have insomnia, fatigue and very low libido.


Actually your FT is 25.1 ng/dL = 2.66 % and bioavailable is 589 ng/dL = 62.4 %.


BTW the test was done the day after the injections.


You’re doing TRT wrong and you wonder why you hardly are showing any benefits.


What am I doing wrong? I follow what the clinic advised: 100 mg of test and 800 IU of HCG per week divided into two doses and no AI.


We usually peak 48 hours after injections, that’s 2 days. My endo always asks me to do labs 2-3 days after injections. Within 24 hours of an injection you’re levels haven’t peaked yet and are getting bloods drawn too early.


I think you were referring to my earlier posts when you said I was doing TRT wrong.

Anyways I don’t have a pituitary tumor as I did an MRI a few weeks ago (for unrelated reasons). So it leaves hypothyroidism and low dopamine. I use iodized salt now and will try to follow KSman’s body temperature routine. Will take iodine suppl too. I must have low dopamine because I don’t feel very motivated.

Seems I should try to increase my FT?


Talked to my doctor today. He said my high prolactin may be caused by taking tryptophan and he suggested I take DHEA instead. I had symptoms of hypothyroidism so he prescribed Armour Thyroid.


Recently I’ve been feeling more confident but still fatigues. Alas some of the fatigue has its roots in my genetics and lifestyle and TRT cannot help it much. I’ve been taking DHEA and Armour for 3 days now and have been feeling a little better in terms of energy and libido. I hope this is not a placebo effect.

Now I have a philosophical problem. I’m a minimalist and I believe in minimalism when it comes to medications as well. I decided for TRT because, judging from the symptoms, I believed I’d had low T my entire life and wanted to see how having high T would feel. But now with these two new medications I feel I’m heavily drugged; that I’m not really “myself”.

If they work and I can get my like back that would of course be great but I wish I could achieve the effect of these two last hormones naturally.