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My journey with TRT

Thanks bro. I’ll harangue them to prescribe me.

No never taken.

I can’t wait!!

The results can be dramatic. But it is relative. When a guy has had elevated E2 for months, the change is quite dramatic compared to their state of lost libido, intolerance, short temper, moody/depressed bitchy states. Was transformative for me.

Couldn’t get the nurse that I talked to to prescribe me an AI. She said I should wait for my hormones to stabilize and that the desired range of E2 at their clinic (Defy) is 25-45 which I find strange.
I guess I lower the dose to .30 and try to loose body fat (probably around 35% right now) and wait for 3 more weeks.

She also mentioned my IGF-1 was low at 179 and that I may need Sermorelin treatment.

I’m one of the rare type people that don’t need an AI. I take between 80-100mg week, fluctuate it a little, just for fun. I found that when my T level is at the tip top of the high range my erections suffer. I do better around the TT of 500-700 mark, and don’t need an AI at that level. I was sensitive to AI, so it only crashed me to take armidex. When I did take it I only took a few drops from a dropper. AI can be purchased online from a research chem company. It works.

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Like Exemestane?

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I forgot to mention one thing. It’s 200mg/ml Cypionate that I’ve been injecting. So for 4-5 weeks I’ve been on 140mg per week and now as per nurse’s advice I decreased it to 120. But the KSman suggests 100mg/week here.

OK it’s the 7th week now and now I divide the weekly dose of 120mg to 3 injections instead of two. I have strange feelings; it’s like my upper chest has become an erogenous zone! Generally I’ve been feeling tired and depressed.

I got hold of liquid arimidex and took 0.3mg last night. I can’t tell if I see any difference yet.

This is exactly how I felt last week, an uneasy feeling in my upper chest area even around my neck, was also incredibly tired all the time and felt like TRT stopped working. This all started when I made the move to inject EOD from twice weekly, I reduced my dosage and starting feeling better a day after I reduce my dosage. Been rebounding ever since, erections and libido are returning. Not taking an AI.

It’s been about two months now. Last week and this one I’ve been injecting subq 3 times a week. Last week I also took some 0.5 mg of Arimidex in divided dozes. Right before changing to subq the “magic” seem to have started; I mean my libido and erections were coming back (although I still had signs of high E2). But the magic is gone again. Even my anxiety seems to be back. I suspect subq injection is the culprit. Specially given that I have quite a bit of belly fat. I think I go back to IM.

P.S. I’m traveling and have a 27g syringe with me. Can I use it for IM injection?

You are going to have good days and bad days, for some TRT is like a roller coaster and sometime in the months to come it will even out. It took me 6 months to start feeling consistently better mentally, then energy started kicking in and still waiting for full erections. Improvements all the time even 8 months in, sensitivity is starting to improve.

My new labs results are in; done after 2.5 months on TRT.

PSA 0.6
T3 free 3.4
T4 free 0.89
THS 1.65
E2 30.7
TT 744
FT 19.4
SHBG 38.9

The decrease in E2, TT and FT may be a result of a lower dose (140mg to 120mg), adaptation or that I did subq injections for a couple of weeks (went back to IM a week before the test.) This was all without AI.

My libido is still very low. In the last week (after the blood draw) I took some Arimidex (about 0.6 mg) and seems it lowered my libido even more.

Do you know if that was the Ultrasensetive test for e2? Should post ranges always.

30.7 is not bad though, even if it is the wrong test (are you having symptoims besides the low libido?). I think there is some validity to the incorrect estradiol test, if you are too high or too low.

How was your libido when you were NOT messing with the AI at all? Low libido could be caused by a couple things, not just E2.

With your SHBG in the higher range, are you still doing 3 injections a week? (more frequent injections are better for low shbg)

You got it all wrong, you are on a protocol designed for someone who has low SHBG who can’t hold onto their T well enough and now you wonder why you are seeing hardly any benefits?

There’s no reason for you to inject multiple time a week, you need those large peaks to get SHBG to midrange in order to increase FT.

I went back to 2 IM injections per week, one week before the test.
E2 was ultrasensitive in the prescription and the normal range is 8-35.

I talked to my endo today. We agreed to reduce the dose to 100mg a week and not use arimidex.

Good idea. Don’t immediately take a dose of AI if you start feeling slight e2 symptoms, give them a day or so, sometimes they pass.

HCG dose was also increased to 2x550 IU per week because my testicles have been shrinking. I have a wild guess as why: maybe my belly fat (which is quite a lot) absorbs some of the medicine?

I realized I had added twice the amount of needed water to HCG. I’ll be injecting 800 IUs each time now.

Related to low libido and ED, my doctor added DHT to my next blood test but I doubt I have low DHT as I have acne and increasing facial hair. Mystery!

Everyone’s different, some people just have lower levels of everything and do just fine. I have no idea what mine are only that I’m extremely horny all the time and I not even 100 percent yet, it would be interesting to see where my DHT level.

Acne is driven by E2 levels.

One thing I’ve noticed in the past couple of months is that my skin has become very dry. I’ve always had very oily skin so I’m surprised. It’s so dry it hurts when I shave. It’s mentioned here that low E can cause dry skin but I doubt I have low E.

Absolutely, I even had dry eyes when my E2 was low. High E2 always makes my skin moist, I can remember a time when it hurt to shave. It could just be transitional, first few month for me was a bit inconsistent.