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My Journey to Unrealistic Goals

In August I want to compete in a local push/pull powerlifting comp and I been recently making a lot of good progress in my big lifts even made so good gain in my standing over head press over the last 8 months. So I decided to push the waters and see how far I can push myself to make more significant progress in the next 7 months. MY goal is to pull a 600 pound deadlift and successfully bench 400 pounds.

Latest 1RM:

300 pound Bench.
425 pound Deadlift.

I did these in December of 2014

Current training max:

345 pound Bench
505 pound Deadlift

Currently Im training at 80% of my max. That will probably go on for the next 2 weeks.

Height: 6’1"

What I did Today.


Upper Body

Bench Press: 5x1 cluster’s 80% 275lb
Seated DB Press: 8x3 70lb’s
Cable triceps extention: 8x3 90lb’s
Strict curl: 8x3 100lb’s
Forearm pronation supination: 3x12 17.5lb’s

Good luck with your goals brother. Seems achievable.

also mirin your bench to deadlift ratio. why no squats?