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My Journey to the Platform

What’s up all! New to the forum but hoping to gets loads of advice from experienced pl to help me on my journey to my first meet. I’m following the 5/3/1 style of training. Just started last week and am currently on the 3x3 week. I maxed benched 360 about 5 weeks ago so I have based my working bench percentages at 325. I have not maxed on dl or squats so for this first cycle I am going off 405 for each. I am completely raw lifter, no gear except for belt and wrist straps. Never taken steroids just your basic preworkout from gnc. My goals would be a 375 bench a 500 deadlift and a 450 squat. Here is my last two workouts of just my main lifts no assistance listed

Deadlift 280x3 320x3 365x10

Squats 320x3 365x3 405x3

I plan on keeping my log current and appreciate any advice along the way

Those are great numbers. There are lots of good 531 logs to follow in the training logs section. Just don’t follow mine because you are MUCH stronger than I.

Start one up in there dude, good to see another 531er signing up.