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My Journey to Single Digit Bodyfat

Im currently on a week break from a 15 week long cut. During this i dropped from 220lbs to 194lbs and from ~18% to ~11%.
I averaged a weight loss of 1.7lbs per week and according to my estimates lost around 25lbs of fat (1.6lbs of fat per week). So, according to estimations i lost an average of 0.1lbs of muscle per week.

My lifts were:
Bench: 300lbs x1
Deadlift: 475lbsx1
Squat: 440lbsx1

Im testing my new 1rms this weekend.

My approach for the next 5 weeks is intermittent fasting:
300g protein
100g carbs
120g fat

While training for strength and adding cardio post-workout and in the morning.