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My Journey to be One of the Elite


Today on my gut-wrenching drive home from the gym I decided to make a training log to evaluate my training. I am not one of the biggest, the strongest, or the fastest but I am doing my damn work. In regards to what 'elite' I am referring to...I am in the process of enlisting to be a wannabe operator (cliche I know) but I am joining for other reasons than the badass training. I figured the input of many members on here can really help me on my journey. I am currently going through tons of issues with my recruiter due to being too "muscular" and apparently I'm also on steroids because I guess to the "regular" world I am big but I am 5'7ish at 173 lbs, 10% body fat and do not consider myself to be very "bulky."

Anyway enough with the talk on to the training. I am currently following full body type workouts similar to Alpha's training (much thanks to him for his log!) I do 100 pull ups and minimum of 200 pushups every day.


5 minute warm up jog
pull ups 20x5 throughout workout
barbell row 12x1, 8x2
1 arm farmer walks with 85lb DB 150 ft /arm
Regular farmer walks 90lb DB's 300 ft x3
Close grip bench 135x1,185x1, 225x2
Medicine ball throws 10x3
Military press 135x6, 140x6, 155x4
Incline curls with Grip4orce supersetted with 10 rope pull ups / 3 sets
1 legged clap pushups 20x each leg,4 sets

Tomorrow will be a strictly swim training day although I may do a 5mile ruck as well with 50lbs. I would really appreciate any input positive or negative and will be posting pics as well as nutrition.


Nutrition 11/20/2010

Breakfast- 2 whole eggs, 6 egg whites, Oats w/banana and honey, multi vitamin.
Mid Morning/ Pre workout: OH YEAH MRP
Pre: Purus Labs Muscle Marinade
Post Workout 2PM: Myogenix Post workout shake
4 PM: Salmon, sweet potato
7 PM: 1 Chicken Breast, broccoli, 2 Omega 3 capsules
9 PM: Whole Wheat Tuna sandwich with dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil.
11:30 PM: Myogenix Myolean shake before bed.


Good to see you doing this man! i will be watching and chiming in!


Alpha: Thanks a lot really appreciate it!

Attached is a current pic of me.


Training 11/21/2010

Today I mainly worked on my water confidence/ swimming skills by doing close to 2 hours of drills in the pool including work with the Rocket fins I picked up yesterday (killer)

10x25m freestyle sprints
5x50m side stroke w/ fins
10x mask/ snorkel recovery
3x25m underwaters

I really need to work on my 500m swims because I lack stamina in the endurance areas. Any tips would be great appreciated.


Nutrition 11/21/2010

Breakfast 9 AM: two whole eggs, six egg whites, banana, wholewheat toast w/ extra virgin olive oil, coffee w/ stevia and nonfat cream. Multi vitamin.
No Pre-workout supplement
Post workout 12:30 PM: Myogenix Aftershock Post workout shake w/scoop of BCAA powder.
1:30 PM: 1 Chicken Breast, Sweet Potato, cup of broccoli
Snack: Handful of Salt & Vinegar Almonds
4:30 PM: Whole Wheat Tuna sandwich with dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil.
7 PM: Steak w/ Israeli salad
9:30 PM:1 chicken breast, cup of spinach
11:30 PM: Myogenix Myolean shake


Training 11/22/2010

Today turned out to be a pretty rough day schedule wise. I drove into the city around 6 AM and spent close to two hours in the car after driving back from the city to the gym. Luckily the frustration of rush hour traffic helped haha. I would like to give credit to Alpha for some of the stuff I threw into the mix today.

Warm up: 5 min treadmill incline jog
DC Rotator Cuff protocol
50x2 pushups
HELL: Dead hang pull ups superset with front squat presses
21, 21x95lb
15, 15x105lb
9, 9x115lb
9, 9x125lb

Deadlift w/ Medicine Ball throws
135x10, 6
225x5 10
I guess I ramped a little to high and ended up having a bad dead day...
375x2, 15
385x0, 385x0

Incline BB bench
135x5 w/ grip4orce

30 pushups, 15 pull ups

DB Swing w/ grip4orce
30x5 /arm
35x5 /arm
35x5 /arm
40x5 /arm

45 pushups w/50lb DB farmer walk using grip4orce
400ft x2
20 pushups immediately after

Rope Pull ups w/ one leg clap pushups
15, 5 /leg
20 10 /leg

5 PM: 3 mile Run


Nutrition 11/22/2010

6:30 AM: Myolean, Kashi Go lean cereal w/ non-fat milk
8 AM: BPI 1MR Pre workout (when using Pre-workouts I tend to try a bunch because they are free from work)
9:30 AM Post workout: Aftershock Post
11:30 AM: Chicken Breast w/ broccoli, 3 EFA tabs
1 PM: Micell Edge Protein shake
3:30 PM: Chicken Breast w/ broccoli, 3 EFA tabs
6:30 PM: (After 3 mile run) Whole Wheat Tuna sandwich with dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil.
9 PM: lean cut of steak, spinach, bcaa
11 PM: Myolean shake


Training 11/23/2010

Today was more of a recovery day just swam a lot and did some LAX ball work and stretches.

50x5 pushups
50x5 sit ups

10x 25m freestyle stroke sprints
5x 50m side stroke w/ fins

Just tried to work on my endurance after that, my breathing seems to be the main issue and i'll exert myself and be gasping for air by the end of my lap.